Kicked out of Roku App

I have just installed my new Tablo. Works great on my ipad but the Roku app keeps kicking me out. I can get in initially and whatever I click just kicks me back out to the channel list. I see there has been some recent similar issues but the ones I'm reading about seem to relate to specific tv shows, etc. I can't get anything in the app to work.

I suspect it might be because I'm using Roku 1 (version 3.1, build 1198). Anyone have any ideas?

Which Roku 1? The 3rd gen one? Or the really old one? What’s the exact model number?

Didn’t know there were different models. This one is N1000.

If your firmware version is only 3.1 then it sounds like a first generation Roku which was discontinued in 2010. I would not expect the Tablo channel to work on it.

Ok. That’s helpful to know. Thank you.

The current Roku 1 is Model 2710.

Would it be inadvisable to buy anything but a Roku 3 at this point in your view?

If you aren’t going to use the wired i/f, then I think the Roku 1/2 are certainly ok.  The Roku 3 has a faster processor and so some of the fancier channels are supported on it (whereas they get the plainer i/f on the 1/2).

The Roku 3 goes on sale quite a bit.  I’ve bought 2 of mine for USD$65, no problems with either of them.

Roku 3

Ok thanks. One more question and I’ll leave you helpful folks alone. When I initially set it up, I used my ipad and it picked up the Tablo wifi signal just fine, which then led me to connect that up with my home wifi signal. But now I’m trying to set Tablo up with my iPhone and PC- neither of them will find the Tablo wifi signal, but my ipad is still working (i.e., playing live tv, etc.). But my ipad says it’s linked to my home wifi rather than the tablo. Thanks for your patience with those of us with tech deficiencies.

Yes after you set up the Tablo once, it will remain connected to your router.

On your PC use the Chrome browser and go to

Your computer should be connected to your router either wired or wireless

Check that. I was doing it wrong. Got it working on my PC. But on my iPhone, when I select Live TV, it only gives the option to record rather than playing it live.

You have to click on the channel (left hand side) rather than the show to play live TV on smartphones.

Perfect. Thanks.

@Lairyhegs Looks like I’m late to the party! I guess this is one of the many benefits of having such great users! Thanks guys! @snowcat @theuser86 @cjcox