Keyword Recording

Does Tablo have the ability to create recordings based on keyword, or is that something on the roadmap? I am currently looking at the 4 tuner Tablo to replace my Microsoft media center, and tend to use the keyword record function quite often (such as "Survivor", "Walken", "Apprentice", "Big Bang", etc.).



Yes you can search the shows to set up recordings based on keywords.

@dcmonk - How does this feature work on WMC? For example, if you have ‘Big Bang’ set as a recording keyword will it record a late night talk show if a cast member from Big Bang Theory is appearing as a guest? 

That’s my question exactly, or can you set the keyworks to appear say in description or title of show? I’m meaning sort of like searching eBay, for example, you can look for a key work in the detailed description of an auction or in the title of the auction. If in the description, the results will include anything and everything that’s ever mentioned those words, if in the title, it’s a lot more finite and limited.

I’d expect you’d need to choose… and I can see benefits to either or both. Say you are a fan of anything to do with Big Bang Theory, you may WANT to catch shows where any of the stars may appear. That’s sort of cool to do, see them as they are talking as the actor and not the character. But if you only want the show itself, restrict it to key words appearing in the title, great if you aren’t sure of the exact name, or someone told you of a show coming up and didn’t catch the exact name. 
Handy, I could go for that. 

I think it is a very nice feature. You can specify the keyword to search in the Program Title, or Program Description. You can also specify a specific channel number (e.g. a specific CBS, NBC channel) or ALL channels. For example, if you add a keyword recording with the keyword "Survivor" in the Program Description, the media center will record any program that mentions the keyword "Survivor" in the description of the program. An example might be the David Letterman show has a Program Description which includes "guest Jeff Probst, host of Survivor". In that case the media center would record that particular David Letterman episode. This would also work for other shows such as "Big Bang".

The keyword recording also works for actors you might like such as "Walken", "Depp", "Paltrow". etc.

Another advantage I noticed with this feature is you never need to setup a recording each new season a show begins. If you setup a one time "Apprentice" keyword recording, it will find any new seasons of "The Apprentice", or "Celebrity Apprentice".


@dcmonk well if that’s the case, I WANT THIS, TOO!

I want it all, I want it now.  ;-)

“William Shatner”  … lol

not to bring up an old thread but I was looking for this too. Take the use case of professional sporting events - they aren’t always on the same channel. For example I want to record only NFL games of the New York Giants…the way it works on Tivo is that you do a Keyword search/record within a category…so I’d navigate to the sports category enter my Keyword of “New York Giants” and tell it to record. This way it will automatically record all games played (sometimes non-games but that’s rare on OTA) regardless if they are on CBS or FOX or NBC.

Without this it looks like I have to either record all NFL games or manually record the NY Giants games.

I posted this original thread in 2015 and was wondering if the keyword record feature is something you have added to your product or if it is on your roadmap?

Thank you.

This is not something that we’ve added yet.