Keeps losing connection

Tablo is loosing connection. I just purchased Mi Android TV from Wal-Mart because I can’t use Navigation Buttons on Android Box with out using a mouse.
I had hard time to connect. After connection and sync worked but then It lost connection. and it happens like that every 10-15 minutes… It just impossible to watch Live TV like that. The connection also is lost on recording…

I try Tablo on Roku MX but the App is slow and id freezes for few seconds so it’s hard to navigate. It has the worst performance…

I just want to know if any one else have problem with disconnecting…

We need more info to assist you with your issue.
What kind of network do you have AC router?
Did you set a reservation in your router config for the Tablo? Are you wired or wireless connected?
Do you have a outdoor or indoor antenna? What kind of antenna? Do you use a distribution amp to feed all TVs? How long of cable runs to tv.s? Do you use splitters,how many? Did you do a report for your house location, with a compass tune your antenna …outdoor to your tv tower location. I have to turn my antenna 132 degrees to point to tv towers

The problem could be that Tablo is over heating. This morning I was watching and then it shows I lost connection. I try to reconnect with out any luck. Then I look at Tablo and it was turn off. NO BLUE LIGHT. I pulled the power cable out and then put it back. The Tablo started and I connected but I had to go to work so I’m not sure if is running. I returned the Mi back to Walmart because I could not watch it of the disconnect problem. I put my Nvidia TV Box and this was keeps disconnecting but not that often…
The Table is hot on the Bottom that’s why I think is the problem of disconnecting.
I have couple more weeks before I can return. If is going to disconnect I will return for Exchange.

My Antenna Signal is strong All Green.
Hard Wire both Tablo and Nvidia.
Problem disconnect is with Life TV and Recordings.
No problem with network. All other device work fine with Nvidia like Kodi or Netflix. None of the loosing signal.
Plus other Android Programs that I have that streaming life TV…

Turn it on it’s side or get a laptop fan. See if that makes a difference.

Also, please answer the questions the previous poster asked so we can troubleshoot more effectively.

I did.
What you want to know from other person ask what I have.

No problem with Antenna because All channels are Green. (Roof Antenna)
No problem with router Because no other Streaming programs loosing connection.
No problem with network because is wired and no lost connection with speed 30mb/s

But that does not explain why the box turn off. This problem has nothing to do with above configuration.
I know if something is over heating causes problem and that’s the only problem I can see…

I will try to put a fan USB type so I can connect to box.

Yes, occassionally, but not for a couple months now.
We use Rokus to connect to our Tablo, which is connected to a $20 AmazonBasics antenna.
The Rokus will lose connection to the Tablo, when the Tablo crashes.
When the Tablo crashes, it either hangs, which requires a power cycle to bring it back to life, or it reboots itself.
In either case, whatever viewing device you’re using will get disconnected from the Tablo.

2 reasons my Tablo has crashed:
Tablo loses connection to hard drive.
The old hard drives I had laying around would not work consistently with the Tablo.
This issue was resolved by using a new recommended hard drive.

A weak signal broadcast channel being watched live, or being recorded during the time the signal is weak.
A strong signal at this second doesn’t mean it’ll be a strong signal the next second.
Several of our channels had their signal strength, and quality go up, and down throughout the day.
This issue was resolved by removing the weak signal broadcast channels from my Tablo.

Check the hard drive and the hard drive cable.

Might also be the power supply.

Is it an approved hard drive? Make and model?

Well i decided to return for exchange my Tablo. I had too many close connections that I could not watch normal on the TV.
Every one says check the Antenna or maybe hard drive problem or your network but all those thing should not disconnect the device. from Tablo. The only one could be a Network but all is hard wire and no other Apps have that problem.
The other issue is that Tablo it self have a weak Tuner in it. Couple days ago we had a storm and most of the channels start scrambling and freezing. I removed the TV Antenna cable out of the Tablo and plugged in to TV and not a single Problem with the channels. Put cable back in to Tablo and same problem. So I watch TV From antenna hook up to TV only…

The other problem I don’t like is the App it self. Same App installed from Stick On Nvidia Android TV Box and then Installed on Android Box and Android Tablet are different configure during Install. Why they have to change any thing to the App. On Android Box My navigation Buttons only work in Live TV Guide. They don’t work during playing life TV or Recordings. You have to use Mouse type of remote or mouse it self.
On Nvidia during fast forward in Recordings I have a little Picture Icons so I know where the program starts. On Android box or tablet I dont have this, so I have to guess where to stop. Why do they had to change that. Just keep it same like is on TV box…

Well I will get the New Tablo today so I will see if the problem will repeat it self. Other wise is going back. For $300 there should be less problems then it is now…

I just got replacement Tablo and I can say that is working and so far I did not had any Disconnection from device.
Plus I notice that my Blue LED light is much brighter the the other box I had. I have a fan running right away and I did not upgraded to the latest Updates. I think that the other box over heated and something went wrong. By the time I put the fan to cool it down the box got already damage.

I left the problem channel running and went to work so later after work will see if the channel is playing or not.

It keeps loosing connection not as offent as the box before but it does. So I’m returning this Tablo and I will go with Tivo Bolt.
I spent a lot of money to change but with the same setup and money on Tivo I should have less problems…

So thanks for help but problem is there…

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