Keeping the Tablo app active on my Sony Tv

I use Tablo Android app on my fairly recent Sony TV. When I finish watching a TV program, I use my Sony remote to turn the TV off.
If shortly after, I turn my TV on, I sometimes directly see the Tablo screen I was watching. But fairly often I get the message Unable to find MyTablo Try again or cancel.
I usually hit the Back button and select the Tablo app from the app menu…

Is there a way I can force Tablo to remain the active app? I do not see any time-out to adjust. Equipment is ethernet connected with DHCP active

This is probably more of a Sony and networking issue than a Tablo app issue. Based on the “Unable to find MyTablo” message my guess is that the Sony TV has not been able to reestablish a network connection before the Tablo app has been restarted.

You are probably seeing the result of a race between getting the network established and the app restarted.

You are right. Certainly a network issue!

I just realized that if I hit the remote Apps button (instead of Back or Home), the first app of the apps menu is activated. As it is usually Tablo, that makes things faster! Problem solved!

Glad to hear you solved this one!