Keep last "n" keeps n+1 episodes

I thought I was imagining it, but it seems to happen ever so often when I’m cleaning up and adding recording limits to shows.

I don’t know if this makes sense at all, but it’s usually the first series limit I set using a particular interface. Happened yesterday on Roku (once, not for subsequent shows) and today for my web browser (forst show I set limits for, not subsequent).

When was that screenshot taken? I noticed on mine that it keeps the old ep until the new one has finished recording.

This morning, not anywhere close to when it was airing. What you observe is probably good behavior, but this is when I’m deleting shows to fit into the allotted number of “keep n”

The ‘keep X’ cleanup is done overnight, so you may have an extra episode in there until nightly maintenance is done.

Apologies! I misspoke.

The removal of the ‘extra’ episode should be done as soon as the ‘extra’ recording is complete. You may see 6 recordings on a keep 5 if the next recording is still in progress, or if there’s a failed recording.

Failed recordings don’t count against the Keep X limit, but the app would include it in the total count of recordings.

Does successful complete include the successful completion of post processing to generate any fast forward images.

Tablo will deem a recording successful if the recording length corresponds to the scheduled time.

So recordings will be marked failed if the tuner wasn’t able to tune to the station at all (totally incomplete) or the recording was broken up due to a signal interruption.

A recording will be marked complete WITHOUT fast forward preview images if it’s still the correct length, and the ‘keep X’ does not wait until those images are processed.

Perhaps I was not clear, If that is the case, I apologize.

The Stephen Colbert show is a late-night show: around 11 pm Central time. On the morning of February 19th. when no recordings were active on my Tablo, I set out to put some episode limits on repeating shows such as the Colbert show, as well as the Seth Meyers, Jimmy Fallon and other late-night hosts.

In the fists instance, the behavior above was observed. In the second and subsequent instances this behaviour was not observed.

On the previous day, Also during daytime, when no shows were recording, I observed a similar occurrence where the first show I was attempting to set limits on retained one show more than the limit. Subsequent limits did not evidence this behavior.

I fully understand the explanation you provided above, I agree with that behavior, but I dispute that this is what is happening in the instance I am reporting here.