Keep Channels Already Scanned!

Hello All,

Hope this question isn’t silly!

I wish to scan again after rotating my antenna but the originally scanned channels don’t remain. Is there a way to scan, keep those channels found, scan again and add to the list of already found channels? Thanks!

Unfortunately no.

Thanks, where would one request this option for a future update?

@JOHN Unfortunately this won’t be possible. Tablo needs your antenna to ‘see’ all of the channels for you to be able to watch and record them.

I would recommend trying an omnidirectional antenna or combining two antennas to get all of the channels you need.

Not really my point as channel 67.1 has a bad day or 5.1 , I need to rescan to pick them up, and I loose something I already had, for instance 23.1 may be having a bad day while I scan for these two. Can we not add a toggle to keep the channels already scanned for this purpose? Thanks.

Aha - I see what you’re saying. Unfortunately we can really only ‘see’ what’s available at the time of the scan so that’s what we keep in order to provide the best experience.

humm, oakly doakly!

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Some tvs including my STORE BRAND have an option to add additional channels to those already scanned.

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My kinda guy… doakly doodles ol’ chum!

It’s kind of a fun challenge to see if I can get it just right… but then I’m always missing just this one or that with each adjustment!

Recently in my area several more classic TV channels were added. Over the next weeks I’d scann through the channels on my TV and the moment I found they all had good (enough) signals I did the scan. I won’t touch it again until more channels are added. I have 2 identicle antennas one aiming at 345 degrees and the other 189 degrees combined with equal length cables into a powerful preamp. I’d say maybe about 30% of the time all channels are watchable. There are a couple of channels that are always a challenge. Most come in fine all the time.

In Austin TX the new classic channels are sub channels of stations I already get so no antenna change needed. If only the guide data was there. I talked to support at lunch and David said it was marked as resolved. I told the guide to download again since it had been 10 hours. But no luck :-(.

Finding the stations is the easy part…getting the guide data is the hard part.

I believe the verbage here is “add NEW channels” … vs “scan for new channels”

the difference here is “add” simply add to the current existing roster of found channels (it never removes previously added channels from past scans)… (a feature found on cheap Vizio LCD tvs)

Even found on the cheap converter box for the TV I had prior to getting an HDTV and also on Insiginia, which is the Best Buy store brand. Yes, it is Add vs Scan.

Thanks, I just bought this one so hopefully they can add such an option as it’s very useful, our channel master had this option too but it overheated and fried recently. I don’t want to tell my wife we are getting yet another one!

Yes, thanks, many seem to have the option it seems.

yup, yup, yup. I’m gonna scan on the weekend, maybe I’ll get them all this time. Fingers crossed!

Yes, “ADD” would be fine.