Keep 30 or “n” Recordings

The Keep X Recordings is a great feature. Any chance of please increasing that number to Keep 30 recordings? Or even a user customizable number to anything they want? Some people may have any affinity for Keep 69 Recordings. :scream_cat:


Out of curiosity, what’s the use case you’re trying to meet?

Daily shows such as the news or daily talk shows, I prefer to have the past 30 days saved. If I don’t get around to watching them, then they’ll disappear after a month. Just felt that 1 month is a nice round time where if it got deleted after that time it’d be ok.

Fair… We figured 20 was a good metric for those since most only air on week-days.

Are you finding 20 isn’t enough to get to the whole back catalog before they disappear?

I agree that 20 is likely enough for most people. Just sometimes you get busy or are away on vacation for lengthy periods and don’t get around to watching them in time if it’s only 20 saved. Maybe some others will chime in and said they’d like a higher number too.

It’s not a must have, but figured I’d see if possible to be added on some to-do list.

It’s certainly possible, but we’ve tried to keep the options within those advanced recording screens to a simple and short list.

I believe that when the new Roku channel is released, there may be a more user-selectable option for the keep limit which could work for these edge cases.

Great news. Thanks for taking note of the request and considering it.

But “new Roku channel”, like newer than the current beta which I have already? Or is this something we’re not supposed to know about yet!

Nope - should be there. I’ll send you a DM & tell you where to look.

Thanks! I’ll take a look later

Oops - my bad. Apparently it didn’t make it in to this version.

Did chat about it with the Roku team though and they’ll see if they can do it for next time.

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I suppose that goes for the start / end times. Discussions about why we couldn’t start late or end early. Our only options - number to keep, start early, end late, are per-determined. User selectable would really give us advanced options and tremendous flexibility… but I know many of us aren’t “most users”, for whom the controls work great. :frowning_face: