Just signed up for Comm Skip, does it work on shows b4 I subscribed?

Signed up 5 days ago for commercial skip. Recorded a show yesterday, and watched it today. CS worked. Watched a show recorded 3 months ago, CS did not work. Does it only apply for things recorded after you signed up, or should it work for your whole DVR? If needed, is there a way I can have it go back and retroactively apply itself to all the shows I recorded before signing up?

Don’t think so. See here:


In section Which Tablo Recordings Are Eligible for Commercial Skip

Thanks. Looks like all shows before subscribing are not eligible. Huge bummer it can’t retroactively upload and analyze. Damn, will likely unsubscribe. It doesn’t matter since they are canceling the feature but I gather every few dollars would help them out. But no look back was dumb from the beginning. Who knows maybe if they had a retroactive feature from the beginning the uptake would have been much greater.

It only makes sense that CS would work that way. Besides, if someone has hundreds of shows saved from before they subscribed, I could see where it might overwhelm their servers.