Just noticed this in the settings

My tablo has been acting kinda glitchy, so I was looking in the settings menu. I noticed something I hadn’t before, called “Viewing Data” and it was ON. I switched it off, but I’m sure I was never given the option or notice regarding this setting. The explanation is about sharing viewing data with Tablo. I don’t remember seeing this before (it’s right under ‘check for firmware updates’). It sounds like data mining to me.

Being an IT dude, I wouldnt actually categorize it as data mining.

But I’ sure they gather some meta data from your Tablo.

They probably do have a privacy policy to up hold for their customers.

If you’re worried about pure data mining, don’t use anything google, adobe, or from Amazon. Even Facebook. Those are the dudes are actually data mining.

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This was implemented in “OG” Tablo units with the 2.2.42 firmware that was released back in September 2022…


I would recommend disabling this feature. When I had it enabled, my unit was more unstable. Scrolling thru channels was more jittery. Disabling it, seemed to have a possitve effect for my unit.

I have had very similar results. Had signal dropping issues and after disabling this 5+ months back, things have been better. I know it could just be the placebo affect, but ya don’t fix what ain’t broke!

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