Just got this deal at walmart!


I’m assuming the drive is compatible, didnt have time to look it up.

if not, I’ll grab an Elements drive for it.

The Toshibas are quite good! We’re always careful with HD bundles to make sure they’re compatible before they go live :slight_smile:

I actually returned my Toshiba Canvio when i first got my Tablo over a year ago. It kept goping to sleep and disconnecting from the Tablo. They may have changed them by now or have a way to get into it to make it “Never sleep” but just be aware of it in case it happens to you.

Thanks for the heads up.

Cool! Couldn’t be sure if humans do this! :slight_smile:

I’ve been using the Canvio 1 TB for several months. No problems. Congrats, you got the hard drive for free.

Mine must be on steroid’s - never sleeps.

I was going to get the 2 tuner model and a 2 TB drive in December for a $280 total, so this was a no brainer for me. I be able to run this and determine if I need a larger drive later. We have Dish Network with the Hopper 3, went to the new Flex plan and dropped the local channels at $10/month.
Saving $35 a month overall will pay for the Tablo by next summer. Had to give up my beloved Science Channel tho.

Nice. I’ve never gone past 35% storage with my 1TB Canvio.
I’m in the habit of usually deleting recorded programs right after viewing.

Walmart needs to update its specs for the Tablo. I believe the current limit is for an 8 tb hard drive.

I bought my Tablo 2-tuner last December. It is a bit over half full now but I’ve configured the Tablo to save at 720p@4K (I think it’s 4K, it’s the highest 720p bitrate option). But, I also use it more for time shifting. So once I’ve watched something (or extracted it to save in my media server) I delete it from the Tablo’s drive.

I’m going to replace the 1TB with a 2TB (because I have a spare 2TB now). If I wasn’t deleting after watching I would definitely want something much bigger.

I do wish that I could connect 2 drives to the Tablo.

Tx for catching that… We’re working on a full refresh of all of our online sales stuff so we’ll make sure that gets tweaked…