July 29th Rescan day - WUTV, WNLO/WIVB and CITS

Rescan on July 29th

Buffalo NY - WUTV to RF 32 (http://wutv29.com/), WNLO/WIVB (https://www.wivb.com/wivb-wnlo-channel-change-faq/) to RF 36.

Hamilton Ontario - CITS to RF 14

Update - Updated WNLO/WIVB link as it changed.

Since the rescan, there is no program guide information for YesTV in Hamilton, which changed from 36-1 to 14-1. Does each individual have to request a postal code remapping from the data provider, or will a universal one be made?

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Still no guide data on 14 for me, guess I’ll go submit my postal code request.

I’m having the same issue, submitted a ticket.

Thanks for the responses. I have submitted a request for my postal code also.

Is anyone getting guide data for 14-1 CITS Hamilton yet? Despite my request via support I’m still without this channel’s schedule.

No. Sent back my ticket to support for an update.

Guide data for 14-1 showed up today.

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