JSON file remnants

I am using Tablo Tools. After the export is done, there numerous JSON files left behind in the root of the drive where the rips are stored. What are these files and can they be deleted?

I’m not exactly sure what/where “rips” are or stored. I’m wondering if you have some debugging options set and possibly set them to save along with rips

You have these options in the Advances tab

But the export logs aren’t JSON, they’re mostly just ffmpeg output, mostly.

I have never seen anything other than shows.mp4 stored in any of my export paths.

You might also ask Tablo Tools topic as @jesse -the developer- is most likely to find it and offer the best help.

By default, your rips of recordings will be under <User Home>\TabloRecordings. You can change those on the General Settings tab:
Screenshot from 2021-02-24 09-46-47

The rest of the files TabloTools creates on its own - which sound like what you’re talking about - are run-time/config/log files and the location will differ based on your OS. Removing them will remove config settings you’ve made, history info (logs), and easily rebuilt cached information from the Tablo devices you’ve connected to. These files should be out of the way and generally you shouldn’t need to mess.

Perhaps you’ve configured your Export directories to be in the Config directory? Maybe post specific file names you are curious about?

Thanks, I think what you advised is correct. I turned off the Export Tablo Data. That solved the problem.


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