Jerky Live TV on OTT TV Box

I recently upgraded my Android TV Boxes to Ott TV Box 4K Ultra. Now without changing a thing except reloading Tablo on the new boxes, everything is herky jerky at times and motion delays. Not the antenna, same as before with old slower boxes. I’m on 75mbs Xfinity with Tablo hooked up via ethernet to router. HELP! This is nuts! Wife is going crazy, and I can’t watch sports like this!

I realized very quickly that Tablo is not really good for watching live tv – it is great for recording as a dvd and is the absolutely the best available unit to send recorded shows to multiple tvs over your LAN. I quickly installed splitter/amps and now have 3 tvs and the Tablo off the antenna. Works like a charm and live tv is GREAT. (Well this assumes that you, and me, like not sending $100+ to Dish or Direct every month)

Speak for yourself! That’s one of the reasons I wanted an OTR DVR - so I could pause and rewind live TV. It works great for that - for many anyway. Oh, and it does pretty good job at recording stuff too. :wink: I can’t speak to @RCRParalegal as to the unit they’re using but a splitter would do the trick. You just won’t be able to have a bathroom break during the Final Four.:scream:

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I also use it to watch Live TV and pause my show for breaks. Works fine. It is not great for channel surfing if that’s what you mean by Live TV, I have a splitter and one ends goes directly to the HDTV for surfing purposes.

I’m probably going to use a splitter to watch live TV and use the Tablo to record shows and then stream them to wherever with the App.