Jerky/digital playback

anyone experiencing digital/jerky playback?  I have full signal for local channels.  Anyone had this/fixed it?

@Sparkhawk  I have this on one of the channels that show older shows like Perry Mason which I probably won’t use anyway.  Nonetheless, it is very perplexing, because it has as strong if not stronger signal than some channels that look just fine.

I have been fighting this problem since first receiving Tablo. I started a Google+ community to share images and experiences. My suspicions are this based upon experimentation. 1080 resolution channels have a lot  more problems than 720p channels. Look at your signals in Settings and try viewing strong signal in the lower res or record it. Then do the same with a higher res channel.

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@Sparkhawk - Sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues. Poor video could be a few things. Check out this troubleshooting info to see if one sounds like what you’re getting:

Issues seem to have gone away?  I did nothing.

@dtwick - I looked at your “trials” link and was surprised by how bad your playback is at times.  During the initial Tablo setup I chose a recording resolution of 1080, and so far playback through my Roku has not exhibited any of the problems you have run into.  I attached a hard drive during the setup, so have never tried to run the Tablo without one.  I am using a component connection from Roku to TV.

I actually ran for 2 days without a hard drive, and mine worked fine.