I've done all I can do

I’ve updated my home routers and internet, outdoor antenna, grounded the antenna, rerouted around any interference producing electronics, hard wired into router, plugged into a remote contolled alexa plug for restarting, updated roku OS, added an inline filter…I’ve done it all however
I still get the dreaded Tablo not found at least 3 times a week, Buffering, stalling, not recording, sometimes missing guide data…etc. I’ve come to the conclusion that this is not going to get any better. While Tablo is good for watching local channels it’s not reliable at all. Reboots, reinstalls of app, clearing cache, resetting tablo, it seems that this is a BETA product at best and we are the testers. Every time I start the tablo app on roku I hold my breath to see if it actually starts or fails. Then scrolling to the channel I want I wait to see if it actually loads or the guide just sits there.
When TabloTV has a failure on their end we all troubleshoot our home systems, restarting, reinitializing, rebooting, checking network connections, antenna connections only to call and be told they had a problem that they are working on.
Is this as good as it’s going to get? Any feedback from the developers? How can I make this more stable?

Is this as good as it gets?

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They did have some outages last week… but I have not noticed in the recent days.

Is your Tablo and Roku hardwired?

edit: going to be honest to your rant… I know your frustrated, but there are a lot of users here that have operational tablos. I’m just going to put it out there, that it’s probably something locally to you. Just to prep your brain. But we can help your figure this out though.


Tablo is hardwired to a node on my mesh system at home. Everything on that node functions correctly and connecting to any of those ring cameras, switches, even my Solar battery system function correctly and without flaw. The roku stick is plugged into the back of my set and it is Wireless connected to the home internet, it’s a stick, but another node on my mesh system is less than one foot from the transceiver on the roku plug. Also everything on that mesh node functions, the roku has no problem streaming any other “channel” or service.
Speed checking on those nodes gives 150 Mbps or higher. Service into my home is well over that.
Still at least three to four times a week have to reboot the tablo, buffering, if anyone can give me any ideas how to make this more stable I would appreciate it.

It looks like you’ve done a lot of work on your network and Roku. Have you tried any other STB device?

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No. I have not. Recommendations?

The tablo streams OTA / Recordings as a straight client to client transfer. 12-15mbps. And full blast Mpeg2 video. Which is a heavy load with no compression.

Confirm the signal strength of the Roku through your router. Confirm it has good signal. Also confirm the link between that Mesh node has a solid connection too. Anywhere close to -70 is low signal… Hopefully it’s in the -50 to -60 range.

This is essential for good wireless playback for the Tablo.

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I was just thinking… have you gone through Roku’s settings and done a full NETWORK reset?

Make sure to reboot the Roku after erasing all of your network settings.

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Thanks KimchiGUN, I will try to reposition that mesh node to get a better signal although I am pretty sure it was in the -50 to -60 range. It’s hardwired to the mesh node so I have a longer ethernet cable that I can move it around a bit. Thanks for the input. Barring this I don’t know what else I can do though.

I will attempt the network reset 269587. Thank you

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As to different STB, I always recommend the cheap $20 ONN 4k box from Walmart since it’s pretty cheap and will work. Having another STB around can help you decide if it’s a Tablo thing or a Roku thing. No matter what, though, it’ll be an inexpensive backup if anything goes wrong.

(It’s got GoogleTV built in, so expect the ads, etc.)

Everyone has their own favorites, mine is my Amazon Firestick 4k Max. Many users are having great success with their Rokus, but with so many different models it’s hard to say which ones are working best with it. (Yes, we should probably compile a list somewhere, even though Tablo’s “supported” list seems “bare minimum” and some seem to have major issues.) Good luck and keep us posted.

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