I've decided I like the STV app better

Well they did at least one thing better than tablo. Their android app loads way faster and the guide is far superior. When I tap on a show on their guide I don’t need to load a whole new page. They just expand the guide to show some options and info. Much more pleasant than the tablo android app experience.

Don’t get me wrong here…tablo is overall far superior. But their app is just way better

Well fortunatley we are just talking software here and that is much easier to change than say hardware issues.

@Eves - We’re working hard at making our Android experience a lot more awesome. We have two devs now dedicated solely to Android so the app should be more stable and easier to use as we move forward. 

@tablotv…I hope an update to the Android app is coming soon. With the fall season starting, it’s really, really annoying to only be able to schedule one show per app session. Any idea when that might be fixed? Right now, if you schedule one show, the “record new” button stops working.

@MsMetaP - This will be fixed in the next Android release. ETA is within the next two weeks.