It's true LOVE, yes it is

I just want to thank all the posters here! I read and read and read and finally cut the cord, got an antenna (still sitting in the house and working great but will get roof mounted) and got a quad.

This community and Tablo responses to them got me to pull the trigger.

Thanks again and looking forward to years of joy!


It really is a cool device. And OTA is a cord cutter’s dream (if you have reasonable OTA access).

Thanks for your purchase and welcome to the community!

Awesome! This is a great community, and one day I hope there is a Tablo convention so we can all meet in person. :handshake:


Maybe attempt a Tablo “zoom” event?

It would be super cool to have TabloCON!


Great!! Then I can wear my antenna in public and say it’s a costume… for TabloCON :wink:


Sorry, any costume competition will be won automatically by Michael Heiss from Residential Tech Today:

He’s even got matching socks.


Without hesitation YES…

or is that a costume? or is he just that cool and that’s he dresses to go to work :question: :heavy_heart_exclamation: :question:

He wears this outfit for the CEDIA tradeshow each year. Yes he is cool.

We spotted him sporting this in 2015 and had to tell him how awesome it was.

Now it’s tradition for us to take selfies with him at every tradeshow, but alas we’ve never been back to CEDIA so we don’t have a shot of us & him in this wicked suit.

His garb for CES is much less colorful: