It's NFL season...recording question

Is there a way to search for specific teams and record those games instead of recording everything under “NFL Football” ?

Like a way to search once for a specific team and then the tablo would record every instance of that team’s game. Almost a combo search of “Record all NFL Football, where team = XYZ”

One way I’ve noticed is that if you click on an NFL game in the live TV guide and click on “info,” you’ll get a listing of all NFL games for the next 2 weeks… you can individually select them for recording. You may also be able to find “NFL” from Sports in the main menu.

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen a way to record just the games with specific teams, so the above method would have to be done every couple of weeks.

Yep, that’s all I’ve been able to figure out.

Sports recording options leave much to be desired. NFL isn’t too bad, but when your talking about MLB and the 162 games per team - the manual recording is a pain.

Tivo has managed to capture this somehow - you have it search for your team(s) and tell it to record…it’ll record anytime it finds that team - no matter the channel, etc.

I suspect they’d have to change the guide data to do what you want… it looks like “Sports” falls under specific categories, with all teams getting lumped into them. They could have a separate category for each team, but that would dramatically increase the number of guide entries, but from a user perspective, it might be the simplest way.

Best thing to do would be to put in a feature request.

Can’t you search for the team name?

No. Searches only work for the titles of shows, not the episodes like each individual game.

Also, the OP is hoping for a way to record every game of a particular team by setting up a single schedule. There just isn’t a way to do it on a Tablo. I just go in every week and make sure my Titans games are set to record. I have forgotten once or twice, but even if I am at the game, I can use Tablo Connect to set the recording. :slight_smile:

@snowcat Your Titans should be fun to watch this season.

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The inability to record based on a search pattern is one of the deffiencies of the Tablo.

I just make sure to check every week and make sure the games I want are set to record.

I have to record them all then delete after. I want the feature for college football as well.

Thanks! I think they will be a lot of fun as well. I think the darkest days are behind this team now…

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