It's gone! All of it!

Well, my 2 TB HD just got erased. No idea how it happened, and nothing that can’t be replaced but what the heck? First issue I’ve had with this device.

Guess I’ll start recording the Simpsons from scratch. Again.

@Krydor - Sorry to hear that. You may have accidentally performed a factory reset. If you press the reset button and hold it (vs. press & release) this can happen.

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Did you do anything recently?

You’re a bit hasty in assuming that Tablo is to blame. Disconnect the disk and run a forensics tool on it. The data is probably still there, it may just be corrupt in some way. Does Tablo have diagnostics that it can provide to see if the disk is bad? If not, you can use open source tools, but they may not recognize the Tablo formatting schema, so a diagnostic using those tools may be futile (like asking someone who speaks only Spanish to proofread your English capstone thesis). Or, as TechNerd suggested, maybe you (or tablo) sent it the command to erase all data/reformat?

I had to do a factory reset and have experienced the same situation. However, on the settings page, it shows that the drive hasn’t been wiped. It is showing the same amount of space used prior to the factory reset is still being used. Is there a way to get the Tablo device to rescan it? Right now, it appears that the Tablo device only has about 350Gb of space left to use. If there’s a way to get the device to access the recordings, that would be ideal.

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It was me. I was having antenna issues and I must have held in the reset button. Nothing irreplaceable. Thanks, folks

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I experienced this “feature” when I received a replacement unit. If the Tablo sees the drive formatted to its liking, it will happily use it. All the missing space is shows that Tablo will happily ignore forever. There is no format, delete or any other option. To reclaim the space, you’ll need to attach the drive to a computer of your choosing and format it to anything–just pick a format. Then reattach to the Tablo and Tablo will format the drive.


I see this as close to a deal breaker as possible. When I first connected the drive, I could go to the the tablo’s IP address:18080/pvr and see that all of the previous recordings were still there along with a text file describing information about the recording. But I checked that location now, and all of the previous recordings are gone. I’m guessing a new firmware update has it scan through and remove any and all previous recordings. The device now shows all of the previously used space has been freed. In my opinion, that is a huge oversight and missing feature. I would think that it isn’t that hard to scan the folder with recordings and rebuild whatever database it is using. Worse, the device has a large storage drive attached to it where the device could in theory backup that information and restore it upon a factory reset. After losing close to a Terabyte of shows (some of which are no longer on the air), I think this should be at or near the top of the features list.

If you factory reset your Tablo unit you lose all the recordings, that’s what “factory” condition is.

Yes, if you factory reset the Tablo it should also format your HDD and reclaim all the space. But that’s where it fails so you have to do above and connect the HDD to a computer.

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