It's been over many months now my Tablotv is useless piece of junk to me

I purchased Tablotv lite over a couple of years ago. After a few months, its wifi stopped working. Tablotv support remote troubleshoot it and verified it. So I got a replacement and shipped the old junk back. Then after a few months, the “new” item also stopped working because of wifi issues… Done everything I could -same symptoms. But now it is past the warranty. So I am out of luck. I had the setup where my OTA antenna is in the atic and I am connecting Tablotv to the main wifi to broadcast live shows. With wifi gone this piece of equipment is useless to me. I am wondering if I can connect a slave wifi router with the ethernet to Tablotv to work…

Was/is your tablo in the attic with your antenna :gasp:

Like a network bridge? All the tablo would see is an ethernet cable, as long as it knew it was in a safe operating environment.

You don’t have the Tablo installed in the attic, do you?

No only antenna is in the attic for better reception. The antenna wire runs down through the ceiling upstairs and connected to tablotv. The whole setup was working fine. The wifi signals were strong. Now after wifi stopped working I tried to reset many times for the initial setup -don’t see any Tablo_xxxx like I used to.

Can you wire your Tablo to the router with an Ethernet cable? Don’t worry too much about a long cable run if it’s necessary. My Tablo is in my basement and my router is upstairs about 45 cable feet away.

I believe Ethernet specs allow for 100m - about 300’

Blessed are the pessimists for they hath hardwired their Tablo. I have a few Roku’s that are wirelessly connected to my network, but not the Tablo.

I have used Tablo with a wireless network extender with ethernet (2 different kinds including euro pro) without problems. The Tablo just thinks it is hard wired. I’m sure an ethernet to wireless adapter would also work. Amazon has an Edimax adapter for $20, a power line adapter might also work.

As a few users here have mentioned, an Ethernet cable would likely circumvent the wireless issues you appear to be encountering. If that’s not an option, don’t hesitate to touch base with our support team. We can set up another session to your unit and narrow down the root cause fo the issue for you.

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