It may be time for another External HD

I’m not sure if it is a recent Tablo/Amazon Fire TV update or maybe even my Hitachi USB HD. My Tablo has been buffering excessively (spinning Blue disc) on both Live TV as well as recorded shows. Anyone else experiencing this lately? I figured I’d ask here first before I run out to get a new HD. I’m really hoping it is NOT my router though.

Which Tablo? OG 2 or 4 tuner? DUAL?

Unplug your HDD, reboot your Tablo (as in power cycle it), try watching Live TV. You can watch Live TV without an HDD connected.

If problem goes away then it’s an HDD problem.

Good idea, thanks!


I only posted this morning, but after 2 weeks of buffering TV hell, I figured it out. I recently installed the Amazon Photos app. It is a resource hog! I never figured on an app on my computer causing problems with my TV because of my gigabit network inside the house. But my router was warn. It never gets warm! But it was warn and it made my router less efficient. It was even messing with my home phone by dropping words. After uninstalling the app, everything works fine now.

Is it only with the shows recorded on the Tablo or are is the same thing happening with Netflix or your other streaming videos? My problem woundup being the HDMI cable between the Roku and the TV. A High Speed cable took care of that.

It took me a bit to figure out what was going on. It’s all streaming. But it’s all set now that I deleted the Amazon Photos app.

Good to know. I have some vision problems so it takes me awhile to read things and I have to read things on the Ipad several times, so I did not get to your resolution before I jumped in with the question.