It is possible to Rip a video from Tablo and preserve the ClosedCaptions (CC) and remove commercials?

I’m just wandering if it is possible to Rip a video from Tablo and keep the ClosedCaptions (CC) and remove commercials?. I know that we have a Tablo Ripper but looks like this one doesn’t keep the CC on the ripped video.

If any one know how to do it please let me know.

Thanks guys…

I use TabloRipper, found on this forum, to pull recordings from my Tablo. The I run CCExtractor on the videos to create .srt files for subtitles. I haven’t tried to remove commercials all that much.

I have tried MCEBuddy to remove commercial and rip the subtitles, but I couldn’t get the video quality I wanted. There is a version for people who donate, so that one may be better.

I’m fine skipping commercials manually, so TabloRipper and CCExtractor are perfect for me.

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Hi @Twitch. So the steps are:
1.- use TabloRipper to get the file out of Tablo.
2.- with the file in my computer use CCExtractor to extract the CC to a .srt file.
3.- Mix .mp4 file with the .srt file.

is that correct ?

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SurLaTablo does good things with CC and has a couple of algorithms for commercial removal.

CC’s are embedded as a subtitle stream (many players deal with this well, but Plex doesn’t always, forces a Direct Stream lightweight transcode on the video side). But Plex can read/use the .srt file produced.

Here’s the kicker though… right now is SurLaTablo, CC cannot be done when commercial zapping (but it something I want to attempt to do, just haven’t gotten around to it yet).

I haven’t tried SurLaTablo before, but I’ll give it a try. Thanks @cjcox

Steps 1 and 2 are spot on.

Step 3 for me is use plex or VLC or other video player that supports external subtitles to play the video with captions.

If you want to have the captions “burned in” you will need to re-transcode the video and srt file together with a program like Handbrake. Just make sure you’d check the option to have the subs burned in.
After that, the subs will always be shown.

I can use iSubtitle ( to add the .srt file to the .mp4 video. It add soft subtitles, so I can turn on or off.

As long as what you use to play the mp4 supports imbedded subs in an mp4 container, you should be fine. I haven’t looked into that all that much.

Let us know how it works for you. Good luck!

Hi, I’ve tested Tablo Ripper and CCextractor and both works fine. I got the .srt file with the CC. I couldn’t try the MCEBuddy because they don’t have a trial option. The program is now $30 and I’m not sure if this is going to work.

I’ll keep investigating and i’ll let you know…

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