Isues with playback stopping after about 3-5 minutes

I have had my 4 tuner tablo for about years now. Other than a hickup or 2 it has worked great. I use it with roku, fire stick and nvidia shield. (all wired) About 3 days ago all of the sudden it has started stopping playback after a few minutes of play. It goes to the progress bar about 2/3 and sits there. I can go back to the guide and the channel is blinking red. When I try to load that channel it just goes back to the guide. I can go to any other channel and it plays fine for a few minutes than does the same thing. On the fire it shows an error your tablo has been reassigned or we have lost connection with your tablo. All 3 of my devices do the same thing. I disconnected the HD, no change, hard reset the tablo a couple of times with no change. My signal is good and has been fine for 2 years. I opened a ticket but wanted to see if anyone had something else I can try. I am to the point now that I think it may be defective but I hate to rule out other things I can try…

I had this issue after upgrading to the newest firmware version of 2.2.12. After working with support to revert to version 2.2.10 the issue immediately stopped.

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Thanks for the info. Support asked me to put it in receive mode which I did when I got home. Not sure how long it stays in that mode. I hope rolling back the firmware is something I can try as I work 6-4 m-f and being here when support is available will be a challenge…

Talked to a tech who also rolled me back to 2.2.10 - that seems to have fixed my issue too. He mentioned they are working on an update that will fix the issue I am seeing in another release…

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It looks like there is an update available now later than 2.2.12. Is it safe to install this? I don’t want to install it and have the same issue come up on super bowl weekend :slight_smile:

Tech support advised there was an issue with 2.2.12 on some tablos so suggested that I do not install it until they provide a fix. Does the latest update have that fix?

Sorry but am a bit gun shy. Spent days troubleshooting the issue back in December before I opened a ticket and they rolled me back to 2.2.10. Something that they have to do remotely.

The playback was about 38 minutes but the Tablo stop a few times. I had to select to replay 3-4 times. Each time, it played for a few minutes then stopped. At one point, it quit completely, I had to select Tablo to bring the recording menus again to resume, it played for a few more minutes (far from finishing the 38 minutes section) then quits again. This time I gave up.
By the way, the world cup game is about 2 hour in length but it records only for 38 minutes. I saw the video quality was not too bad that the Table quits way short of the 2 hours game. By the way, 38 minutes mean nothing to the game with 2 hour duration. I hope when the signal is bad, the Table is still keeping up with the recording unless the screen is black out completely. Something that does not make sense in real life…

Not too bad video quality = Poor TV broadcast signal
Poor TV broadcast signal = Tablo crashing, Tablo app can’t play entire video, video being broken up into many segments, …

Don’t hesitate to give us a shout if you’re having trouble! We’re happy to help you get to the bottom of the issue.

It’s not 1 + 1 = 2 like you think. If the device could record 38 minutes, shouldn’t it play the whole 38 minutes straight?

1 + 1 = 2, I’m sure of it, cuz I can remember my 1st grade teacher telling me so.
Recording <> Viewing

Hint: Writing <> Reading

I think you should not work in customer service. How do you define a bad signal? Isn’t it defined by some algorithms? If you schedule to record a 3 hours program, and only get 38 minutes, are you not going to say anything? I watched that 38 minutes video and the quality was good. Suddenly it stopped recording, why? How bad? Doesn’t it make more sense to try to record again and again because I know the signal just went blank after perfect 38 minutes.

Oh snap.
Um, I’m a customer, just like you.

If you watch Live TV via your Tablo, and the picture isn’t perfect, then you have a bad signal.
If the signal gets bad enough, the Tablo will either give up, which is what I suspect it did in your case, or it’ll crash, and reboot.
After it reboots, it’ll attempt to continue recording.
However, then you’ll have multiple recordings segments for the same event.
You’ll be missing at least a minute or 2 of the recording during each reboot cycle.

Recording 38 minutes out of a 2 hour recording event means the signal was so bad that the Tablo gave up on it.