Issues with iOS8 and Tablo app

Is anyone else have a lot of issues with iOS8 and the tablo app?  Ever since I upgraded, the web app keeps shutting off airplay to the TV or not even starting in the first place.  I know Tablo does not support this since I am using Airplay but all other airplay apps or sites like USTVNow work with no problems and I can stream hours.  Yet in Tablo I sometimes cannot even get it to connect.  

Anyone else getting this?

@emarch I only use my iPad for viewing on itself. You may want to open a ticket with @TabloSupport but maybe try deleting the app and reinstalling first??

I’ve noticed some disconnecting and buffering issues with AirPlay from the Tablo app since iOS 8, but I assumed it was iOS and not the app. Now that you mention it though, I don’t have issues air playing from other apps

@emarch @jeallen1 We’ve tested Airplay from both iPhones and iPads on iOS 8 and we don’t see any differences. We’ll have to take this back to QA and take another look. 

Can you reproduce this each time? What exactly happens - just a failure to connect? Buffering usually comes from the network; we can’t touch the stream once Airplay grabs it.

I can reproduce it almost daily. It can stream on the iPad by itself fine. But as soon as you toggle AirPlay, I get many things. Most often a black screen. Sometimes the app is thinking and the video shows one hour of playback time and then it shows only 10 seconds but nothing happens. Sometimes it starts and not even 10 seconds in the app switches back to iPad only mode. Usually after 15 minutes of frustration and turning AirPlay on outside of the app, it then works for one show. But the next show, you have to try it all again.

I know you say you cannot touch it once AirPlay grabs it but it seemed fine in ios7 and like I said I can AirPlay from like the nbc or golf channel app or ustvnow website, and I never get any of those issues which leads me to believe it’s an app thing.

A permanent solution is we could get an Apple TV app, but since that is probably not on the horizon, just hoping we can figure this out as my wife is like $60/month for cable might just be worth it then to fight this every night.

I’m basically seeing the same thing as emarch. Since it just began with iOS 8, I assumed it was something with that. Usually rebooting the Apple TV clears up the issue for a while. Every so often, the stream just fails to start on the Apple TV. I’ve also noticed that if I pause the show using the Apple TV remote, when I hit play sometimes the stream will end. When I open my iPad, I’ll get a “Reconnecting to Tablo” message.

Do you know which Apple tv generation you use? Trying to help Tablo out and noticing gen 2 seems to have no issues but gen3 does not pick it up. Still testing

I have gen 3, but the older version that can’t do peer to peer AirPlay. I wonder if the newer gen 3’s have the same issue.

I know Gen 2 cannot upgrade to ios8/appletv v. 7.0 so its still at v 6.x.  Not sure if these different versions have anything to do with it.

@emarch The Apple TV platform isn’t open - so even if we wanted to, we couldn’t start writing an app. They don’t allow access to third parties (they’ve made some exceptions, Netflix, MLB, etc).

We’ll take a look at Airplay this week, though. iOS8 certainly has changed some of the functionality with Airplay, so we’ll need to see if/how this is effecting the Tablo and if we can do something to address it.

It appears that the latest iOS 8.1.1 and Apple TV 7.0.2 updates cleared up my issues. Thanks!

@jeallen1 We’ve been hearing that from a few folks! Glad to hear it :slight_smile:

I found out if you perform a full reset with you iPads it solved my issues, for both Apple tv3 & apple tv2. Shutting off, or resetting network settings does not do anything. Ever since a full reset, I have gone 5 days with not one issue.

I’m seeing iOS 8.1.1 TabloTV webapp crash constantly since upgrading from 7.1.1 on iPhone 5 Independant of AppleTV.

Just open TabloTV app and while it is syncing select LiveTV and scroll through list against air time. App crashes 100% of time and is 100% repeatable.

Even after sync finishes scrolling quickly on LiveTV causes App crash 100% of the time. This acts like a buffer overflow/out of memory crash. Will try deleting app and reinstalling and will report back.

Ok, I deleted the TabloTV app and installed the latest version via the website links.

After the app finished a 20-30 minute sync, the webapp never crashes on fast scrolling on LiveTV as it was on iOS 8.1.1.

I forgot to check the TabloTV webapp version so I don’t know if it was an older version non-IOS 8.1.1 compatible issue that was causing the crashes or something else, but running solely on my iPhone 5 the webapp is solid.

I will test with my AppleTV later and report on AirPlay issues, if any, that I see.