Issues with Gen 4

Out of the box it pretty much worked as advertised, then…

  1. I had to reboot my router. The Tablo did not automatically reconnect so I basically had to start over.
  2. Starting over didn’t work until I read on a forum I should unplug the USB hard drive.
  3. I was then able to reconnect but…
  4. when I reconnected the USB drive, Tablo forced me to reformat… wiping out earlier recordings
  5. The starting over process takes up a lot of time (minutes)
  6. When I tap Connect on the startup, my phone indicates WIFI disconnected. Why would Tablo be disconnecting my phones wifi connection?

I put all these experiences and questions to Tablo and their response was they’re correcting these minor issues.

Beyond all that, the channel lineup, while free or inexpensive is not very robust. I want to save $$$, but…

Are my experiences familiar to other Gen 4 users? Are any others having similar issues?

I would think that after rebooting the router if tablo didn’t think it was connected it’s LED lights would be blinking. Could it be you didn’t exit the tablo app and the app might be the issue. Maybe the router reassigned the tablo a different IP address then the app was using.

During setup could it be that the app is really connected to the tablo SSID and not the router and on connect it is switching to the router’s SSID.