Issues with Gen 4, failed recording, record this event button not working, can't find manual recording

Having some issues with Gen 4, I set it and forget it, and haven’t really checked on it in a long time, i.e. months. A lot of the programs, it has worked just fine, but I’ve ran into some problems:

On Gen 3, if a program totally failed to record, I’d get a failed recording result. On Gen 4, I don’t. I get a blank 2 second recording, and no notification or tick in the Failed Recording category.

On Gen 3, if a program got cut up and had three different recordings for the one program, each one would show x number of minutes for that specific recording. On Gen 4, none of the recordings list the length of the recording, they just all say what the program was timed for i.e. 3 hours.

For the NCAA Basketball Tournament, I have multiple events this weekend where the “record this event” button does not work, i.e. I can’t set it to record. When I choose record new events for this listing, It sets some of the NEW marked games to be recorded and others it doesn’t. The ones it doesn’t match the ones the “record this event” button doesn’t work for either, exactly.

To bypass probelms like this, on Gen 3, I can do a manual recording if all else fails. On Gen 4, I can’t for the life of me find the manual recording feature anywhere.

Depending on the app welcome to the world of gen 4. I also don’t like the fact there is no details record that indicates how much of the recording has been viewed, how much is left to view as well total recording. Of course there appears to be no way to edit the WiFi SSID(except on the recently released IOS app).

I couldn’t get WiFi setup to ever complete successfully, so I hardwired it last fall and that worked fine. I pretty much only use it with the Android app, with the rare occasion using fire TV or fire stick. I will use it a lot more if they ever give us computer browser access. I hooked the Gen 3 back up to the antenna to “double” record things I don’t want to miss, or can’t record otherwise with the Gen 4.

I got mine in October. I tried using a current model samsung tablet running android 13. Setup would never proceed past collecting SSID’s and would always fail with the Unknown Error message.

I gave up and used a android cell phone. But it didn’t have 5G WiFi. So the unit is stuck on 2.4g until they fix their app to edit WiFi. The gen 4 is very much like going back to the 2015 legacy era.

@loomis1975 Sorry to hear you’re having issues recording March Madness.

We’d like to take a closer look at your Tablo’s logs to see what might be happening.

If you’re willing, could you put your Tablo in remote access mode for us? You can do this by clicking the reset button on the bottom of your Tablo quickly three times.

You’ll know you’ve done it correctly when it starts blinking in a heartbeat pattern. If the LED returns to a solid blue, you’ve just rebooted it and will have to try again.

Oh, and manual recordings are not available on the 4th gen Tablo which is why you weren’t able to find that option.

@loomis1975 The next time this happens to you, can you try going to SETTINGS > GUIDE > UPDATE, then wait until the update is complete before attempting to schedule it again?

There does seem to be occasional mismatches between the data on the Tablo and the data on our servers, especially for sports events where the opponents are unknown at first and then updated later.

We are going to work to eliminate these as much as possible, but we hope that this step will allow you to schedule the airings.

Any update as to the FAST channels that have been giving incorrect data for months? That seems like it would be easier to take care of than hoping local channels provide the right info…

That was it, after forcing a guide data update, was able to get the record this event button to work for all the events it was previously failing on. Strange, the data was less than 12 hours old when it wasn’t working, but I guess things change all the time and the guide only auto updates once a day in the middle of the night.