Issues with Chromecast

I hope anyone reading this reads the whole thing. This is my first blog ever!

I’d like to preface this by stating first that I’ve been a residential custom audio-video integration specialist for 17 years, and have have seen every DVR on the West Coast. Second, I REALLY wanted to like Tablo, I spent a lot of time deciding between Tablo and TiVo, and have regretted it ever since. Here’s why Tablo is SO bad:

  1. I have to reboot Tablo monthly.
  2. Whether on iOS or Android, the App takes at least 30-45 seconds to load.
  3. After the App connects to my Tablo, it takes another 60-90 seconds to load the guide data.
  4. It then takes another 30-45 seconds to get the picture, via either AirPlay or ChromeCast, to start playing.

That might not seem like a lot of time, but the next time YOU want to TV, try holding your breath for 120-180 seconds.

5.Tablo “protects” things that I don’t ask it to protect.
6. Tablo doesn’t “protect” things I ask it to protect.
7. Tablo records things that I didn’t ask it to record. I’d like to have Tablo NOT record a show on EVERY CHANNEL.
8. Tablo doesn’t record things that I ask it to record.
9. Tablo doesn’t delete things that I ask it to delete.
10. The skip ahead is 30 seconds on Android, but 15 seconds on iOS
11. Until the last update, trying to use my ChromeCast was impossible. It seems to be working now.

I haven’t used my Tablo for several weeks now, but decided to watch the X-files tonight. I was disappointed, yet again, which is the reason for this blog:

First, it took the usual 3 minutes to begin watching the show, via ChromeCast. After the show started, I decided to turn my tablet screen off. When I turned it back on, I had to wait another 2 minutes to connect again. When I got back to the episode, Tablo decided that I should watch it from the beginning again. When I got back to to where I was, I left the screen on, but decided to multitask. When I got to the next commercial break, I had to wait another minute to get back into Tablo. I had to re-select the episode, but lucked out that it remembered where in the episode I was. Then when the next commercial came, the App crashed, took 3 minutes to reconnect, and yet again started the episode over again…

I would sell my Tablo, but I can’t think of anyone I dislike enough to sell it to…

I hope you find a solution that works for you… I suspect someone here on the forums would happily buy it from you.

Your problem starts with Chromecast which I ditched for NP and now have none of the issues you describe except occasional delay on initial live tv startup. .After that it’s gangbusters. FF is a breeze. No failed recordings. No delete or the other issues you describe. If you know of a better system that doesn’t jerk you off with $15/month BS please clue me in.


He never will.

Get a TiVo Bolt. $300, then $150 per year for their subscription in perpetuity. That’s for one TV. Then you’ll need a TiVo Mini for each additional TV, $150 each.

Questions though:

  1. Is your Tablo hard wired to your router? Or connected via WiFi?
  2. What is the make and model of said router?
  3. What Android device are you using?

Playback starts within 1 second here, and resume after FF starts within 1 second. I use Fire TV (a Android platform), and Roku 3 Model 4200.

Same here with NP.

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Holy cats! @A_V_Expert, there is definitely something amiss with your setup or the Tablo itself. Have you submitted a trouble ticket already? I use a Roku2XS (a slow device IMO) and have none of the extreme delays or other issues you are experiencing. Maybe there is some kind of hard drive incompatibility, but @TabloSupport should be able to identify the root of the problem. Hope you get it sorted out.


I agree. I use Roku everywhere as well and have had none of these issues.


Well if that’s true I would think you’d understand experiences could vary set-up to set-up. You would also understand troubleshooting and isolating elements to determine the issue. You may also do research to check compatibility between system elements. There are perfectly good AVR that dont handshake with certain cable STB. I would hope you would know those things when working for a paying customers.

As others have said here, do some troubleshooting. Your experience is unusual. I promise you, my load time on both my iPad and 2 different iPhones are better than you’re reporting. The issue may be with your network or the chromcast - there are setting you can try to improve your experience. You may also have a bad unit - it happens.

What we need to know is, are you looking for help or just looking to vent? If its help, there is plenty to be had here and Tablo personally posts here every day helping people out.

If you are just here to vent, then I’m sorry you had such a bad experience. I’ve been there with many pieces of equipment over the years - its the worst.


Just popping in to echo the words of the other users here… I’m sorry you’re having such a difficult time with Tablo. Your experience is certainly not normal so there must be something amiss…

I would suggest putting a ticket in with the team so we can do some further investigation on your behalf:


I’ll relieve you of your misery… Send it to me. I’ll pay postage!!

iI’ve had great success and consider it the BEST DVR I’ve ever had.


I have many issues with Tablo - but it has its strengths. The one area worth addressing with your setup is the use of a ChromeCast. These stick devices are bad on every platform - likely won’t be the case in a year or so as the form factor for a peformant device shrinks to a stick size - but these things are more trouble than they are worth. If the problem you’re complaining about is causing this much grief, you really should invest in a better streamer. The Nexus players can be purchased for around $50 right now and likely provide much better performance. Aside from that, most of us generally agree that many of the other issues you mention are solved in the latest Tablo firmware - so as much as I hate to suggest it, you probably should enter a support ticket.


The Chromecast is just plain rubbish. But I would expect an “expert” to have a teensy bit of problem solving ability instead of just rant ability.


None of the issues you describe with the latest Tablo and Roku updates. I’m running 2 Roku 3s and an old Roku2XD. Try a different streaming device.

Try scheduling MANUAL recordings as I described. It doesn’t work. I want Tablo to surrive! I have the LIFETIME EPG, but when new stations get added, they don’t appear as fast as they do elsewhere.

I would first like to thank everyone for their support of Tablo. I honestly really did want to love it. I had hoped that the initial investment of a more expensive hardware platform and less expensive software service, which is the opposite of TiVo, would provide a better experience. For those who may question my experience and think that I simply opened the box, plugged it in and thought that it would just work, and just blogged about it…I didn’t want to bother you with my troubleshooting, but after living with Tablo for 4 months:

  1. You COULD say that my Android tablet that is the problem, but I get the same “performance” from my Android phone.

  2. You COULD say it is my ChromeCasts (I do have 2), but every other compatible app, HBO GO, Showtime Anytime, Encore, Starz Play, Fox Now, Watch ABC, KTVU, Netflix, and Watch TNT ALL work perfectly on BOTH of my CrhomeCasts from BOTH of my Android devices.

  3. You COULD say it’s my iPod Touch, but I get the same “performance” from my iPhone 6 Plus

  4. You COULD says it’s my Apple TVs (I have 2 of those, too), but I get the same “performance” from either of them.

  5. You COULD say, for my my Apple TVs, that it’s a wired vs. wireless issue, but one is wired, and one is wireless.

  6. You COULD say the Tablo should have a wired connection, but that’s how I started.

  7. You COULD say the Tablo has a bad wire while connected, but I’ve switched it

  8. You COULD say the Table should be wireless, but I’ve tried that, too.

  9. You COULD say the Tablo should be close while wireless, but it’s 4ft. from my WAP.

  10. You COULD say that I need to lower the resolution on the Tablo, which I have also tried, but why offer 1080 if it can’t handle SINGLE stream to a SINGLE device???

  11. And yes… EVERY device is running the most current OS and App version available…

Ironically, as I finish writing this response, I noticed a pop-up on my screen generated by this site saying, “Constructive criticism is welcome, but criticize ideas, not people”. I’m not certain what troubleshooting has to do with the NAACP, but as I have obviously proven my troubleshooting abilities, please keep “Constructive criticism is welcome, but criticize ideas, not people” in mind the next time you decide to criticize someone here…

OR YOU COULD SAY; that If you’re adamant about using a streaming device that has proven to be a poor performer with the Tablo system on the basis of it working with other formats then you’re stuck with your present situation.


Have you checked out the TiVo Roamio and or Channel Master DVR alternatives…? one of those might work better for you…

I did look into TiVo, as I stated in my original post. The problem with with TiVo is that they don’t come with much internal storage, and you can only add one external drive that can’t be more than 1Tb. I could get one from Weeknees, but I do like that Tablo’s storage is all external. When (not if) the hard drive fails, I can simply swap it out, without having to take it apart to get to the drive. I also looked at Channel Master, but the features that Tablo offers (multiple device, as well as off site, streaming) made it a more compelling choice.

You are obviously not here to seek help, just for a rant. I asked some very relevant questions with regards to seeing if the community could help sort out why you’re having issues, no answers to them or even an acknowledgement of them.

It is very likely your expert troubleshooting could benefit from others expertise as well, there are many helpful possibly more intelligent people here. Plus Tablo Support is stellar at looking into issues.

But if you want to do it on your own, that’s your prerogative. Good luck.