Issues on some channels not loading guide

Wondering if there is a max radius of channels able to download the guide. I live in rural Iowa, so I’m able to get Des Moines Omaha and Sioux City channels at my home. Some of the channels won’t load the guide. Running on Android TV and on my Android phone app.

I’m having the exact same problem since the upgrade. The Live TV guide data is not loading at all.

This includes the close (about 15KM away) and far (around 50 miles). P.S. Sorry for the mixed distance numbers, Canadian vs US broadcasters. :slight_smile:

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Which upgrade? I had this problem before I upgraded to 2.2.16. It was fixed after the update.

@Jacob_Rosener There’s no max distance. If you’re on the most recent firmware (2.2.16) and still having this issue, give us a shout! You too, @eek :slight_smile:

Ive always had this issue

Had issue too. Loading guide on my computer. Seemed to get it out of this funk. Or was a coincidence?

I didn’t have it until the 2.2.16 upgrade. Now guide data either takes a very long time to show up or never shows up.

If anyone is still having issues around this, our support gurus are happy to help!