Issue with Roku2

I’ve recently purchased the 4-tuner which is connected to the WiFi Router via the Ethernet cable.  My upstairs Roku3 works perfectly.  The Roku2 (which sits 1 foot away from the router) will not play Live TV or playback recorded shows. I’ve seen some posts where some folks are having issues with the Roku2 and some aren’t.  I’ve re-booted both the Roku2 and Tablo which didn’t work.  I’ve un-installed the Table app and then re-installed which didn’t work.  

Any ideas?

@JillW So far, it looks like there’s some sort of hardware variant in the Roku 2 (and possibly some other models) that we’re working on tracking down. Some users have overcome this by doing a factory reset on the Roku - this may be worth trying. Keep me posted on the results.

Thanks for the info. Unfortunately this didn’t resolve the issue.  I’ve also noticed that the icon for “movies” is a gray color instead of blue (like it is on Roku 3).  

Having an issue with my Roku2 also where the Live TV will show loading then go back to the main screen.  It does this for all channels and I’m running Table 2.1.20.  The icon for the “movies” is also gray on mine.

Does the Tablo App just not work on certain Roku2’s?

@iam - check out the post by TabloSupport in 

@mark, thanks, that is the problem and I was able to change the setting in the Roku to fix it.

Glad to help @iam. :slight_smile: