Issue with black bars/cropping on 1080p tv (old thread)

Hello everyone, I have an issue where my Tablo will not upscale 1080 content properly. There are 2" black bars on all 4 sides of the image. The TV is a 1080p Samsung, and I see no options in Settings to change to fix this. The Android desktop fills the screen, as does the Tablo guide, just the 1080 live video is cropped. Can anyone help? Thanks.

What is your playback device? Nexus Player, Shield?

It’s a Minix Neo U1.

What version of Android OS is it running?


Anyone have an idea? Is this a bug in the Android app?

I have a feeling it is a bug in the Android app related to the Android TV box you have, it is not a commonly used box. Google Nexus Player, NVIDIA Shield, Xiaomi Mi box all work well with the Android app.

Was facing same issue but now working fine for me.