Issue with 2.2.8 and Firetv 2 (with firestarter)

Hello, I have multiple firetvs. 2 originals and 1 running the new 4k version. All 3 have firestarter as the default launcher program. While launching Tablo, the original firetvs seem to launch no problem. With the new 4k box however a funny thing happens. When launching it from firestarter it seems to go into a different layout, almost as though tablo thinks its a browser. (Sync screen shows up on first run and then bright white screen with loading text). Then it goes into the “Prime Time” screen even though I have the tablo set to default to Live TV. While in Prime Time I have almost no control. Right and Left arrows do nothing. Up and down scroll the window, but there is no selection box present. I cannot go to the menu and the option key seems to have no effect, the back button brings up a dialog asking if I want to exit. Now heres the thing. It will only go into this weird browser interface when selected from firestarter. If I launch tablo from the amazon fire home interface or if I option click in firestarter, go to settings and select “launch application” Tablo opens correctly.

Forgot to mention:

Firestarter is latest (3.2.1)
Fire OS is latest (
Tablo Software (1.0.25)
Tablo Firmware (2.2.8)

Attempted to move Tablo to SD card. Load time was a lot longer but the results did not change.

For anyone else struggling with this issue, the creator of firestarter said he will correct this in the new version of his launcher:


this is a problem of FireStarter. Newer Apps which are using the
Leanback-Lib are handled different! I will fix this in the next release!"


Not sure if anyone is following this thread, but firestarter has been upgraded to 3.2.2 and works wonderfully opening tablo.

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