Issue streaming to new Nvidia Shield TV Pro

A while ago, I replaced my old Nvidia Shield with the latest model. When using the Nvidia Shield Pro, I will hit an error while watching. I tried using both apps available.

The new app will play for a while then throw the standard “Failed to load video” message. The old app will give another standard message, “Playback Error. Your tuner has been reassigned or your device has temporarily lost connection with your Tablo”.

The Shield device has no issues with any other apps that I use, and when I switch to the older Shield device, I don’t have any problems streaming from Tablo.

I haven’t tested with any completely recorded programs, but I did lag the live TV playback a couple minutes to see if allowing it to buffer some video (not sure if the table does this) would help.

Anyone else hit this issue? I’m also thinking of turning off some of the newer features in the Shield Pro (like the upscaling) to see if that helps.

I too can confirm the same problem with the new Nvidia Shield Pro and Tablo’s apps, while other streaming apps work flawlessly. I frequently get the same messages while streaming with the new/ Tablo Preview app of “Failed to load video” and sometimes even that the device disconnected, similarly the “Playback Error” with the old app on the device. I can further confirm that the problem persists even with streaming recordings from my Tablo. For reference, these error messages appear about 6 times or more over the course of streaming (live or recording) a 1 hour show.

I also tried lowering the bit rate for streaming, switching from wireless to a wired ethernet for the Tablo, all without success. I have tried pausing to build some buffer and then streaming, but that did not work as the problems still occur. Also, I am not using the upscaling feature on my Shield so that is not the cause.

For now, I’m streaming on my laptop because that is reliable, but it is very disappointing that Tablo is unreliable on one of the best Android TV devices on the market.

Just as more data I can confirm I haven’t been encountering these issues with my 2015 Shield TV.

@JeddHampton @random Haven’t heard of this before, but we’ll definitely take a look and see if we can reproduce this in-house. Let us know if changing any of the Settings on your end impact your results at all.

Thank you.

Thank You. I’m specifically on the new (2019) Pro model. I have tried changing the following settings: Recording Quality, Live TV Quality, and Enable fast Live TV start-up. None of these seems to have any effect on the frequency of those error messages on the device. As previously mentioned, Tablo via my laptop works fine.

I haven’t had much time to test, but I did try turning the “energy optimization” setting to off for the Tablo apps. The error still occurred.

One thing I noticed is that it generally seems to happen sooner each successive time. I only started timing it last night, and it may have only been coincidental this time around… but it may actually be useful information if the pattern holds.

I’m not sure if this makes a difference, but I’m using the Quad.

I’m on a Tablo Dual Lite. It was updated to 2.2.28 a few days ago and even with the update, it’s still exhibiting the problem on the Shield TV Pro.

I did a factory reset and started fresh. It has played continuously longer than it has before. I can’t be certain that it is fixed, but it definitely seems like it is working.

I started experiencing other problems. Namely that YouTube started rebooting the device. That is what led to the decision to do a factory reboot before just going back to my old model completely.

Anyone else experiencing a similar issue, please try a factory reset.

@JeddHampton - did you do a factory reset of the Tablo or the Shield? Sounds like shield based on the youtube comment. I have reset the Tablo previously without success. I also switched the Tablo from wifi to wired, without success. My shield is too far away from my router so I have only used that via wifi.

btw: what firmware version is your shield? Did you update to 8.1.1? I did, but that too did not seem to make any difference.

I did a reset on the ShieldTV. It was on the latest version. I don’t know after the reset.

I went back to my previous model of ShieldTV. It doesn’t have the AI upscaling (which isn’t much of a loss but was a feature I wanted to test out). I’ve had fewer issues with the older ShieldTV. It has been working great since.

I would not recommend the newer model with the state it is in currently. It’s odd, because it isn’t much different when it comes to hardware/hardware capabilities. It just has issues.

Soooo I got here because I am experiencing the same issues on a new Nvidia Shield TV Pro that was just set up yesterday. Had no problems with the Tablo app on Roku, but now the playback errors come multiple times in the course of a 1 hour recording. I see TabloSupport has responded once in this thread, and once in another thread I found about the same issue from July 2019. Has there been no resolution to this in all this time? I’m on a Tablo Quad if it matters.

BTW it’s not my hard drive, which is less than a year old, as is the Tablo. I’ve been watching the same recording through my computer, and playback hasn’t failed once. It is fine on the Roku too. It’s just on the Shield Pro that there is an issue.

Our team should be able to get to the bottom of this for you, just send us a ticket with the details and we can take a look.

blackpups, I can be another data point if needed.

I’m still using the old nvidia shield tv model. I have the newer model just lying around at the moment, but I can hook it up if more testing is needed.