Is "Your favorites" section on Home page in 4th gen app useful?

I’ve been keeping an eye on this for about a week now, after noticing that nothing in that row has ever been watched or recorded by me. The same goes in the “For you” section, but I assume these are just popular shows that are airing at the moment, and its title just happens to be a bit of a misnomer.

These two sections (“For you” and “Your favorites”) seem to only vary by a show or two. Any idea of their true purpose? Just curious if this has been a helpful section for others and how they’re using them.

Maybe someone at tablo thinks they need to mimic the big boys and other OTT products. I’ve never watched a prime movie yet I have a riboon of “movies we think you would like” - how do they know. I have an OTT product that has a ribbon of suggestions based on my previous searches and I’ve never searched for anything in that product. Of course useful ribbons get pushed towards the bottom.


maybe there is some form of monetization with what is in a ribbon.


maybe they are appealing to some lost souls looking for something to watch or record.

LOL. Maybe. Maybe to all of that.

Or maybe they don’t know how to properly utilize the user data they collect from the many recordings we make a day.

It could be useful for some… I didn’t even know it existed until very recently. When I saw “For you” and a bunch of shows I’ve never watched, I became curious. But it looks like you and I have had nothing to gain from this system. In all fairness, I have “Viewing Data” turned off and maybe this is a necessary switch that needs to be turned on for this to work. Hmmm… I’ll let others explore this.

I have nothing to gain from the current Home page. If they could figure out how to start the app in the last used menu or have startop menu selection in the settings.

Of course the product would be useful if and when it stops chopping and segmenting FAST channels. Otherwise if you have a legacy device or other DVR product the gen 4 is a toy.

I’m sure the Home screen is a financial decision. Yes, it does look like many other streaming services intro, but it’s nowhere near the same. With two different 4th gens set to two different zip codes, that page is identical.

If that FAST splitting doesn’t stop soon, the neighbor kids are gonna have some nice new hockey equipment when we finally get some snow! Well, between that and about 1/4 of my FAST recordings being incorrect (and before you ask, complete reboots on both, including network; complete guide rebuilds as well).

The programing on some FAST channels slides based on esposide over runs. So by the evening the schedule can be off by 30 minutes. Segmented FAST recordings have been around since day 1. I’m sure tablo knows why. maybe underpowered distribution servers.

I can understand the issue with the weird shifting times, but if I record 8 hours straight and none of them are correct… IDK. Putting in a support ticket re EPG RN.

As to splits, I wonder if maybe some are 4k and there’s a conversion/hd transfer speed issue? Considering there seems to be certain ones that affect us all.

On Roku it’s METV guide is off. On Philo it is correct

My guide issue is with several of the FAST stations (Court TV Legendary Trials and Alien Nation are the two worst offenders.)

My OTA MeTV lines up with my frndly tv schedule. Both have been correct any time I’ve recorded so far. Such odd behavior from these things!

I wonder if a different zip code in your location settings might help with your EPG?

Was looking for more information on the Extend Live Recordings setting and ran into this cute little explanation of the Viewing Data purpose. See if you can spot the error in their thinking when it comes to a 4th gen device!

Regardless of the error, it does look like turning this “feature” on would make my Home Screen a little more personal…

Not remotely useful. So unhelpful, I intentionally do not look at it.