Is web app accessible for screen readers?


I am a new Tablo user and I’m trying to find out if the web application is accessible.  At the moment, it appears not to be, but I haven’t been able to give it a fair test.  My wife’s machine is still on Windows XP (will be solved in a couple of months).  The Tablo web application doesn’t work with IE8 (I’m a development manager myself, I get it, no complaints on that choice) and I can’t upgrade IE.  I threw on Chrome which loaded the web page and I could navigate with the keyboard, but the screen reader couldn’t pick up any text to read.  This might be the screen reader and Chrome as we haven’t used Chrome on her computer before.

While I’m on the topic of accessibility, things I would like over an accessible web page:
* We use the Tablo through a Roku.  If I could get the recorded show listing and be able to launch the show directly off the Roku, I can write my own interface for her.  Launching directly to live tv stations wouldn’t be a bad addition to that.  She prefers to have it come out of the TV even though she really can’t see it (can’t explain why, maybe habit; mine is not to reason why :slight_smile:
* Direct access to the recordings in a format that was windows media player friendly.  With anything that FFMPeg supported as a reasonable second choice.  I’ve heard this may be coming at some point.

Thank you
Jim Rush

PS Just sold my parents on a 4 Channel Tablo and a couple of Rokus.  There needs to be some sort of referral program (worse, there probably was and I didn’t know about it).

Hi @jimrush - Thanks for the feedback on accessibility. The ins-and-outs of requirements for accessibility are something new to us, so our web-app developer @matb33 and the rest of our team would be happy to chat with you more on improvements we could make in this area. 

And thanks for spreading the word about Tablo! We don’t have an official referral program yet, but we appreciate each and every referral we get. 

Hi @jimrush

First, apologies that it’s not accessible from the get-go. I usually take care to make sure content is at least accessible, but my experience for accessibility lies with regular static sites, which are much easier (and predictable) for screen readers to consume. Could you suggest some tooling that I could use to simulate the experience? I could then better understand what to change.