Is this version - tablo dual hdmi any good?

Im trying to decide which one to purchase. I was going to buy the hdmi one but it looks like it is having problems. Any advice would be appreciated.

I have a Dual HDMI, and other Tablos. I use the HDMI version much like a networked DVR, I think it has a better picture. My setup is all ethernet hardwired. On occasion it crashes when scrolling through the live program guide, but I’m sure that will be fixed. I record lots of programs every day, have an attached 5tb drive that is 99% available, and use with Roku and FireTV. I rarely use remote access on my other units. In fact I rarely use the Tablo HDMI on its own on the TV where it is connected, instead using Roku or FireTV.

Do you have any issues with that one that you dont have with the other ones? Which hard drive do you use? Thanks for your reply

No other issues. This is the hard drive: WD 5TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive, USB 3.0, Compatible with PC, Mac, PS4 & Xbox - WDBU6Y0050BBK-WESN

One thing, the Dual HDMI remote is IR so it must have line of sight to work, I had unit hidden at first and thought it didn’t work.