Is there a way to roll-back to firmware 2.1.16?

Just wondering if there is a way to rollback the firmware to 2.1.16 in case it is not working as well for me…

What HDD are you using? Can you let us know what you are seeing?

I have no problems with 2.1.16 and seeing people are having macroblocking & buffering problems with 2.1.18 makes me not want to upgrade…so I want to know there is a way to rollback before I upgrade…otherwise, I will hold off cause I don’t see any real benefit of the upgrade to me…I rather have slow tuning than macroblocking and buffering

Sounds fair.

@lowbee There’s no ‘official’ method of doing this, but we could do through a remote session if necessary.

@TabloSupport Thanks, that’s reassuring…