Is there a way to get remote access functioning when I am not at home to direct connect?

In the past I have successfully used Tablo when away from home. It has broken a couple of times, but have been able to get it going again when I am home.

The run is I am away from home until the last few days of January and do not have access from Chrome, Edge, an Firefox, nor the Windows Tablo App.

My son has already reset both the home router and the Tablet device, but to no avail.

Is there anything else I can try remotely?

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No super simple option unfortunately, especially already being remote. You can set up a VPN server at your home, logging into that remotely is essentially logging into your local intranet, allowing you to be seen by the Tablo as if at home.

That’s the only alternative and unless your son is networking savvy, not likely an option that will work for you.

Try this I’ve been using it for several months now. It let’s you connect to home, it’s an easy solution.

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This setup is a bit frustrating. I guess they are trying to make it easier for most customers to enable “away from home” by “syncing at home”. But if I happen to have an actual URI pointing to my home router and the correct ports are open, why can’t I simply connect to exposed port? Is there a handshake (e.g. security or encryption) that gets established during the sync? I guess there isn’t any security from inside the network, so I figure this might be it. Couldn’t we use some sort of authentication with the Tablo device?

Agreed. On an initial review, it looks like I will need another box at home, which does not solve my immediate problem. I am investigating a VPN, which my son or a neighbor can install.
I did subscribe to the service, but will likely ask for a refund.

I just tried this:

  • Activated the OpenVPN access through my Asus RT-AC88U w/ Asuswrt-Merlin firmware.
  • Logged into it with my Galaxy S21 (had to send the OVPN file to my phone).
  • Opened the Tablo app. After it synced I was able to disconnect VPN and it worked fine from out of the home.

I figure this would work with a PC as well. Obviously, lot’s harder to setup a VPN server while away from home :stuck_out_tongue:. But I will keep this around just in case.

I am not a fan of the process either, it is much improved from when I bought my first Tablo but it still occasionally disconnects.

I have often wondered if one reason they are not in a hurry to change the process is that this is a round about way to reduce “sharing”. If it was a simple name / password login you could share it with friends who could watch your Tablo for free.

With all the lawsuits against Aereo, Locast and others, maybe that’s a risk they want to try to mitigate?

Just speculation, they HAVE said they will work on an improved version in the future, but its been on the roadmap a while with no word on ETA.

Maybe, but less likely. Your tablo is still limited to the number of streams and/or tuners. It may do with limiting load on servers. As is, the traffic is between devices and your network/tablo.

Unlike almost everything else working via 3rd party giant data mining corporation cloud server.

Searching the forum, you’ll find to get “network discovery” to find your tablo and it’s open ports your device/app quires
For what ever unknown reasons this gets “out of sync” and users are unable to remote connect. How often this gets updated? Unknown, at least, likely, during nightly maintenance mode.

So unless your tablo is in constant communication with Nuvyyo’s servers updating it’s self… So now there’s expensive overhead for the company to pass on to consumers, maybe. There’s users not likeing their device sending so much more personal information (many want to power it off already).

As is, you log in with user/pass and get the same info as you currently get… which may or may not get you what you need. Either way not everyone is going to get what they want. Of course, much of this is speculation, based on what you can find here online. Don’t recall Nuvyyo having an issue with users sharing their device with other for personal use.

[Tablo Subscription Agreement | Over The Air (OTA) DVR | Tablo] 10. (ii) rent, lease or sublicense access to the Services.

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