Is there a Tablo network issue this morning?

On all Android/FireOS devices, the Home Screen gives the Unknown Error that sometimes occurs when loading the Library or Settings.

I’m still able to switch between Tablos, watch live TV (OTA and FAST), and play back recordings on both.

Neither Roku will connect in any fashion, giving me the “Getting the latest free shows and movies…” loading screen.

Is anyone having similar issues with their Tablo this morning?

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I see this too, but other than the splash screen indicating an error, everything seems to be working. I can still go to home, live, settings, library, etc.

Hi folks - We’re investigating this right now.

Stay tuned.


Thank you for getting on this so quickly!

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Yeah, I can still move to other menus, too – but it was weird with the Home Screen. That’s why I decided to test it on 7 other devices!

I should have posted last night when every time I played a recording, the “Channels” tab at the bottom would pop up with an error to reload, but nothing would reload. (It’s pretty annoying when you’re just trying to watch something and before you can do that, you have to hit reload or cancel! Guess I’m too used to that happening at random times!)

I feel bad for the Roku users that are already having such a hard time!

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Should be back now!

Apologies for the blip.


Android’s got the Home Screen back and the Roku loaded after a reboot. Awesome.

Thanks for taking care of this so fast!

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