Is there a NEXT or PREV Channel button?

Just want to clear something up. I have been reading posts about SURFING. This is something I tend to do, stepping through all channels to see if anything appeals to me.

The guide’s description of the show is not usually enough.

I would complain if channel changing is slow. (;-))))

But more importantly, IS there a button to change channels while watching live TV?

I always have to exit back to the guide to click on the next channel.

I’ve been trying this out in the Android App, iPad app, and web app. I have not found a way to step up or down channels while watching live TV.

Did I miss it?

You are correct. There is no way to channel surf on the Tablo. It has been requested already. Plus the ‘tune in’ time for channel changing is slow due to the fact that the Tablo has to transcode the stream first and create an adequate butter to stream to your playback device.

For channel surfing, I split my OTA antenna so one cable goes directly to the HDTV tuner. This allows me to channel surf for live TV. I tend to use the Tablo mostly for recorded shows, very rarely live TV.