Is there a model with a stronger tuner?

Often watching via “Live TV” or recording I’ll lose the signal yet I can watch using the built in TV tuner with no issue. Great quality, no pixilating.

Is there a specific Tablo model that has a more reliable tuner, or plans to introduce one? Someone explained that the signal can be weak due to it being split going into the Tablo, so I assume the 2 channel would be better than the 4. Is there a 1 channel in the works? I have an old 2 channel, or newer ones improved?

Bit of an issue as live in Toronto and love PBS out of Buffalo. Normally PBS is great but missed Masterpiece last night. " Recording failed due to weak signal."

For the original 2 and 4 tuner Tablos, the same splitter was used in both the 2 and 4 tuner models, so in that case 2 tuners isn’t necessarily better than 4 tuners.

There is anecdotal evidence the new 2 and 4 tuner models may have slightly better tuners.

Since the Tablo models have both a splitter and amplifier, which tries to compensate for the split, it’s not an apples to apples comparison to a TV where you are running the antenna directly into the TV, which only has 1 tuner.


Completely different topic … if I was to purchase a new one, I would be tempted to try the direct connected one. My Original is from 2014?, so I’ve had good use out of it.

Can I still use my PC to schedule recordings? Or does all that need to be done via the Tablo?

To watch Tablo content on additional TVs within your home, you’ll need an active TV Guide Data Service subscription, a strong home WiFi network and one of these:

  • A Smart TV powered by: Roku, or Amazon Fire TV, or Android TV OR
  • A Set-Top-Box/Streaming Media Device: Roku, or Amazon Fire TV, or Chomecast with Google TV, or Nvidia SHIELD