Is there a how-to for Roku app with multicast routing and igmpproxy?

I have a relatively complex network (so I’ve been told, but it’s not complex to me). I have an internal LAN which is segmented from a WiFi network by a firewall/router. The same firewall also has 2 other connections to two different Internet services. My Tablo is connected by wire on the internal LAN. I have 1 Roku4 device on the same internal LAN and the Tablo app on Roku works great there. However, I have a RokuTV in a more remote location that is WiFi only. Android devices on the same WiFi can connect to Tablo using the Android app. However, the RokuTV on WiFi cannot connect to Tablo. I’m guessing the Roku Tablo app and Android Tablo app work differently. I contacted Tablo support and was told the RokuTV won’t work unless it is on the same network as the Tablo due to use of multicast.

So, my firewall is a custom Linux based network appliance and I can pretty much install anything on it. The thought then came to mind: could I make this work if I used igmp proxy? (+all the necessary routing/firewall rules/etc.)

My first question is: has someone tried this and written a how-to guide on how to make this work?

My 2nd question is, this evening I just tried to setup igmpproxy my WiFi and internal LAN and what I thought might make this work, but it didn’t work. Anyone else here who might have the same desire want to work with me to figure this out? (provided question #1 doesn’t already have a good answer)

That definitely counts as a complex home network. I say this as a professional in the corporate networking space.

Good luck getting multicast to transit your firewall. It sounds like you might succeed given everything else you described.

I’ll take that as a “no” to my 1st question…

anyone here interested in working with me on figuring this out?

Is there a Roku VPN you could use to connect to the wired segment?

Edit; try this