Is the tablo slow, or is it just me?

Forgive me if this has been covered elsewhere - I searched but did not find…

I’m still enjoying the new cable-cutter glow and thrilled with my new setup.  However I wanted to ask if some of the slowness I’m experiencing is a “known” tablo thing, or perhaps something unique to my setup.  The setup being:

1 x Tablo (4 tuner version) (connected via ethernet)
1 x WD My Passport Ultra 2TB hard drive
2 x Roku LT

I’m still a new tablo user, but what I’ve noticed is the interface on the roku seems slow.  I click on “Recordings” and it can take 5 to 15 seconds for the list to pull up.  And same thing with “Live TV” it takes a while just to pull up the list.  I’m not talking about the buffering the occurs once you pick a show and it’s getting ready to play video - I’m talking about moving and interacting with the interface itself.  
Granted, this isn’t the end of the world.  But in the careful battle we all walk to convince the wife this new way of life is better, it’s been a bit of a sticking point, "Ugh, this takes forever just to watch TV…"

We all know the new roku interface is coming soon, and when I saw the video they posted today: I immediately noticed a HUGE difference in how quickly the user is moving around the interface - it’s not taking several seconds between clicks!  So I started to wonder:

  1. Is this new interface in fact not only more functional, but also a lot faster?  Should I be hopeful for a similar speed increase when the new interface is deployed?
  2. Is this Hollywood movie magic and they sped up the video in that blog post?  (I do that with videos from kids’ soccer games - way funnier that way).
  3. The Roku LT is the low-end model and it’s my understanding that in general it’s slower than the Roku 3, so in theory that could be the problem.  Are there Roko 3 users out there experiencing similar problems?
  4. This is life, deal with it?
Again, this isn’t a huge deal, but I wanted to find out if there might be a problem on my end that I should be addressing.  Thanks in advance for your input!

It is very very slow and I have everything on wired network with GIGe, Roku 3's for the fastest interface possible on TV's. Maybe they will eventually come out with a Tablo2 box in a year or so that has a faster processor but right now this is what you get.

After 4 months of cutting the cord I have gotten use to it somewhat and so it isn't as painful as it was day 1 but it is still one of those things that has huge improvement potential.

@dwt12777 I have the four-tuner as well, and use it primarily via Roku 3.  There is a “waiting” period when I open either live TV (for the channel list to populate), or Recordings (for the recording list to populate), but in my case it is never more than 5 seconds for any step along the way.  Really probably closer to 3 seconds in most cases - but never anything approaching 15 seconds.

I don’t know if that timing difference is dependent on Roku model (the Roku 3 being the fastest of the Roku faimily), or differences in Hard Drives, or Network configurations (I’m hardwired to every device via Gigabit Ethernet).  Tablo TV has already posted that they did not edit those blog videos and that the speed your seeing is what we should expect to see…

The new Tablo Blog post that went up today shows a short preview of the coming new Roku interface, which seems to have much faster load times for the various screens, so perhaps this situation will get better soon.  Tablo TV has already posted that the speed seen in the video is the actual speed and not edited in post, so we should be getting something similar to what they are showing when it arrives.

4 tuner but I use Chromecast to view.

I leave my notebook running in the living room. it’s almost always current. It rarely takes very long at all.
Even if I access Tablo on one of our phones access to the Tablo, seeing the recordings, the TV program guide, etc. - it’s all pretty quick. I don’t see a screen talking of syncing very often any more.

 Keep in mind that the Tablo may be wired to the router but the other devices are Wi-Fi so any latency in those legs will slow things. My Wi-Fi is blazingly fast because all equipment is in the same room for hte most part. HOWEVER - I was out in my shop earlier tonight. It’s 250’ from the house. I have my router wired to a 1gig Cisco switch. The switch is then connected to a 250+ foot cable to my shop which terminates in a 110 block. It then cross-connects to a netgear access point in my shop. My shop is a 2 story pole building, 100% steel lined inside, ceilings and walls. The AP is downstairs on the shelf above one of my benches about 10’ up on the wall  (15’ ceilings)
i was upstairs in the wood shop and accidentally took my phone out with me (no cell phones work in my steel shop). HOWEVER, my phone had connected to the wireless AP in the shop in the lower level. I got curious, pulled up the Tablo web app (Android phone) and sure enough, I got the Tablo interface in under 2 or 3 seconds and I was able to pull up the TV guide page in less than 5 seconds. Tablo in house, wired to router, router to switch, switch to cross-connect in shop, to Wi-Fi AP on first floor with a steel ceiling and I was upstairs and accessed my Tablo interface! I have to suspect if I had a way to stream to the 10 year old + TVs in my shop I could watch recorded shows out there!! And use my phone to control it all. WOW! And it was fast. 
Tablo wired to router is good, best way to do it, but you still have Wi-Fi to the rest of the players on your network, phone, tablet, Roku, chromecast, whatever, and if your Wi-Fi has any hiccups at all, that’s where it is going to be seen. 

Roku 3 is slow. Worst seems to be navigating recordings (and I don’t have that many yet). In that regard, using the android Web app with Chromecast is much more satisfactory. Hope the new Roku app is better.

Thanks guys for the feedback - exactly what I needed to know!

Fingers crossed that the roku update is faster!


We don’t have any budget for ‘Hollywood movie magic’ so yes, as another user pointed out the new app is snappier. In fact I waited a bit between screens so everyone could see what was happening.

Your mileage may vary as we were using a Roku 3 that was hard wired to our good quality router. 

We’ve also made improvements to the structure so you don’t have as many clicks to get where you’re going. 

These are all things we couldn’t really do before using the ‘standard’ app. 

@TabloTV - glad to hear it!  I’m looking forward to the update.

And please don’t misunderstand my intent in raising the issue.  Even with the current slowness, this is still WORLDS better than the monthly kick in the face my cable company was administering in the form of a bill.

@dwt12777 - That’s OK… The back & forth is what the Community is for and we’re always happy to help people get out from under the bootheel of the evil cablecos. :smiley: