Is the Tablo I received used?

I recently ordered and received a Tablo 2-Tuner DVR from Newegg. Super excited!

On opening the shipping box though, the Tablo box wasn’t shrinkwrapped or otherwise sealed, the power cord and ethernet cables loose below the device (i.e. no twist tie or bag), and no antenna included. Looks like the front of the device rubbed against the box too… slightly scuffed on the corners. None of this is a big deal to me… except that I’d like to confirm I received a new device since that’s what I paid for!

Is this normal for a new Tablo?

Je ne sais pas - if you think it’s used, exchange it. You can for free. It should be new, don’t think refurbs are selling anywhere yet. Well I did see refurbs for sale, but thought it was only directly from Tablo.

How much did you pay? That’ll help determine if you bought refurb or new.

To clarify, I know that I paid for a new Tablo.

The Tablo box I received didn’t seem new to me. For example, the power cord and ethernet cable seem to have bends in them as if once nicely coiled and maybe twist tied… probably underneath the “Welcome to Tablo” printing inside the box, but instead arrived as if randomly thrown in the bottom of the box. While I hadn’t realized an antenna was included, I didn’t find one in the box even though included in the contents list printed on the side of the box.

The packaging doesn’t bother me though… only trying to confirm whether this thing is new. I can exchange it for a new one if not, but don’t want to bother if this is normal and the exchanged unit will be the same.

Tablo does not come with an antenna either. You have to buy one separately.

@homli - Call Tablo support - they can probably tell if the product was used before.

The very first shipment of 2-tuner Tablos included an antenna (all those that pre-ordered), but they took it out ever since then.

I still use that antenna for connecting directly to my TV set.  It’s actually a pretty nice little stick antenna that extends out. 


What’s the make and model of this antenna? Do you have a photo of itV I may be interested in acquiring one if it works well.

I would still get something a little better like the Mohu leaf (which is what I use for my Tablo).  But the antenna looks just like this one.  


Thanks - I have the Winegard Flatwave, amplified version, but I have one channel that I receive perfectly fine on my HDTV but cuts in and out on my Tablo. Seems the Tablo tuner is not as good as my HDTV tuner in receiving weaker signals. I already tried a distribution amp pre-splitter with no luck so looking for a new antenna.

A larger version of the Mohu Leaf or Winegard Flatwave would be perfect.

Newegg sent me an obviously used unit too. I promptly sent it back a received a new one. They will try to get you to send that unit back and then wait for an inspection before sending you out a new one, which will take a week or more. I fought with them to send a new unit right away so I wouldnt have to wait. After a few calls to supervisors they reluctantly sent a new unit out that day. This seems like a common practice to send used units and charge the new price. I will no longer buy from them.

@homli - Tablo’s box is not normally shrink wrapped or sealed as we only sell through online retailers. That means there should be no tampering with the contents of the box.

That being said, the power supply and ethernet cord are normally bagged and the outer box you received is older. (We’ve removed the mention of the antenna as we don’t include it anymore.)

All NewEgg returns are shipped back to us which then become refurbished units we sell through our own store so it shouldn’t be a returned unit. 

Not sure what happened here, but it does seem a bit odd. You can certainly return the unit for a new one, or you can keep it if you wish but please let us know if you have any problems with it.