Is the new Quad worth upgrading from the original quad

I have the original quad unit and while overall happy with it, the user interface could be quicker. Plus the box is very sensitive to the signal quality. Example a channel which doing the day is all green looks like over night degrades causing recordings to fail on other channels. So wondering if the new quad is better in these areas and worth the upgrade?

You’re likely better off upgrading your antenna to a bigger one for signal issues. Or point the antenna better.

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Usually OTA reception is better at night than during the day. I have discovered in my case that antenna crews are working on transmitters in the evenings and reducing power at the broadcast towers due to the channel repack taking place across the country. This will continue until October in my area. Some stations have gone temporarily to lesser power auxiliary transmitters during the repack stage. Usually my reception has been 10 to 20% better at night prior to the repack effort. It may not be a tuner problem.

So its difficult to gauge a tuner’s reception capabilities or performance during this repack period. Check to see whether there is station transmitter reconfiguration activity in your area. Ordinarily OTA reception is better at night unless work is taking place at the stations. In the repack, it can be multiple stations being involved.

You may feel it’s just semantics, there’s a Tablo 4-Tuner OTA DVR and a Tablo QUAD OTA DVR not necessarily an “upgrade”.

There are topics in the forum stating the quad model has a different tuner than the 4-tuner, the same as the dual-lite models. Hard to say for sure how much of an improvement you may or may not get with it. But the tuners are different, from what they are saying

They all can run the same firmware, from what I understand, so from an UI, there’s no change.

Who is “they”? Tablo has directly confirmed the tuners are different. Different doesn’t mean better.

Amen brother, diversity doesn’t mean better :zipper_mouth_face:

They, at the time I couldn’t find any reference other than post making comments. I had read some in the past pointing to specs, but didn’t dig enough to find any.

Sometimes, particularly in manufacturing, different “cost savings”. In this, it probably means the original is out of production? If it’s the same as used in the other models, consistency with support and development, maybe.

Lol that’s not what I meant DJT

‘Diversity’ Is Losing Its Meaning—What Should We Say Instead?

Better Never Means Better For Everyone

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It’s probably better for someone but that person isn’t necessarily the customer.

I haven’t heard any compelling reason to upgrade. Someone mentioned using that money to upgrade the antenna and I agree. Less wires and aesthetics are the only reasons I can confirm. Since the Tablo can be hidden in a closet that’s not a big deal.

I had to buy new quad. Big difference is placement of blue light (top Vice edge). Difficult to see. Rounded edges Vice square. Old one would stand vertical for better cooling. New one balances and could tip over. Bitcnew one has taller feet and more space underneath. Unless you are having issues, keep the old one

I have both 4-tuner models, and the only differences that I see is the outside of the box is different, and the ability to install an internal drive.

The tuners appear to be about the same performance wise for me.

The internal hard drive would be difficult to find large drives (4-8TB) - so I have a 4TB USB drive attached to both.