Is the ui perfect?

Usually, trying software, I can see hundreds of shortcomings that everyone else around me misses. That is, until I get blind from familiarity, like every one else.

I was made to feel uneasy, because the developers thought of everything I would normally think of! Was I loosing my touch? Moreover, perks that HDHomeRun fails on, like USB hard drive, no need for running pc, no need for plex pass for roku, affordable guide for life. Wow!

I do now see two minor software shortcomings : I want a “last channel” button, since I normally pick out two watchable live programs and jump between when commercials come on. Then, the second would be to Expire Recording Schedule (after xx days or episodes). Thus I could record so many episodes of a show (without manual scouting every two weeks), then give the tuner a rest, until we get around to watch the program (likely reruns). Now, perhaps, another person could think of a better option switch. But expire schedule seems more elegant than adding to the keep drop down, 'keep first 5 episodes, then pause schedule) which would also work. Obviously 1,3,5,10,20 episode options too.

Heat, and an even deeper power saving, would be my only suggested hardware concern. Probably, will be fixed in future models. Though recording is worth $4 a year in electricity.

I must add that while the Tablo has yet to make any impact on my family viewing, I am excited about the Tablo, simply because they did everything right. This is a rarity for sure. Had I jumped in earlier, I might not have had such a smooth experience. But as of mid may 2018, my only real irritation that I feel emotionally, is that we all should have had the tablo ten years ago. For me this is really 13 years overdue.

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