Is Tablo on Plex Dead?

I just started using Plex and saw that there was a Tablo channel. It would not work for me so I started to look into it. It seems that the Tablo channel is no longer supported by the original developers. Is anyone working on this or is Tablo going to make it an official app? Or … is it just dead?

Rumor is someone is working on it, (not Tablo proper)

Although I have not seen any movement or mention of it for quite some time.

@gconcepts @liko @crichardso @tmelhiser have all signed up for API access so they can work on PLEX.

Perhaps one of them can pop in with an update.

@PTURNER The PLEX Tablo channel still works (sort of) on releases prior to 2.2.12. If you have updated to the current firmware version, you are out of luck unless, like me, you have the nice Tablo Support folks back you off to the prior version. I guess there are not enough of us PLEX users to entice Tablo to provide native support.

We are here!

Just used to not getting any love…

I haven’t actually looked at the Plex Tablo add-on. I probably should, since I have Plex. I’m curious how advanced it is for those that can make use of it?

Will it let me schedule recordings? Delete old (and failed) recordings? View live TV? I will assume it does let me view completed recordings.

I honestly havent looked at it in a while since it would basically need a complete rewrite and even though plex is kinda pythonish it makes alot of stuff that should be really easy using some modules really painful. and personally i was hoping they would work something out with plex to get it added as a supported dvr device as it would offer more flexability then you would get out of a channel.

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Here’s the way to revert to prior firmware (if you’re on 2.2.12), and sort of regain Plex app functionality. It’s still a pretty crippled Plex solution, and I so wish Tablo would adopt Plex (or vice versa) officially.

If I had enough free time, I’d work on updating this (I’ve somewhat started on github, but it’s not even worth linking here yet). Like @crichardso said, it needs a rewrite from scratch really, and while I understand the Tablo side, the Plex APIs are not the easiest to work with.

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Not sure if I’m having the same problems everybody else is having. My ip address shows Tablo as and I added that ip address to the Plex > Tablo Channel > Ip Override since my Plex server runs on a different ip address. Yet, Plex says Could Not Connect to your tablo.

What’s wrong?