Is Tablo Capable Of

New here and just found out about Tablo. I have an out-of-home streaming question.

I have a home where I can get local over the air channels and internet service with 8mb up speed. I have a cottage a few hundred miles away where I would have to put up an 80 foot tower to get over the air channels. (Not practical $$$$.) The cottage has 18mb down speed.

I would simply like to stream to the cottage football games that I can get over the air from home. I’m seeing that I can do this but want to make sure I can do this to a Smart TV running Roku. It must be a Smart TV!

Possible? If so, is this really as easy as it seems?

“It must be a Smart TV!”

Why does it have to be a Roku Smart TV? Versus a cheap $25 gen 2 Fire TV stick?

I’m invested already with the Roku world.

I also prefer my Rokus devices.

And while I don’t do remote connect below is the WEB page. But my understanding is that devices must be paired in-house before travel and Roku is not currently supported. But the rumors are Roku support for remote connect may happen soon. You would need to ask support.

I was so hoping this would work. Oh well, on to Emby …

What tuner does Emby use?

Any of the HDHomeruns work. Cheapest one is about $68.

How does Emby compare to Plex DVR?