Is Tablo blocked in some regions?

I’m a little baffled as I’m unable to find Tablo in the google play store. Now I admit that I’m in Australia, and apart from taking kangaroos to school (best fun ever), we’re a little behind the globe at times. But would there be any reason why Tablo would choose not to be available there? Do I need to get the APK via the black market or am I just missing something?

I’m using a Nivida Shield, and a TV, with a remote… I’ve also got a kangaroo, just incase…

The Tablo hardware is not available in Australia, so there’s no reason to have the app available.

@Duncan_Ham - Sorry, but the tuners inside Tablo are designed for ATSC TV signals which are not available in Australia. We also do not have guide data for channels in that region. This is why we don’t offer Tablo for sale there nor do we have apps available in those regions.

Well, I use Tablo remote when traveling in the UK, and can imagine it would be nice to be able to access the Play app if needed when there. There are various workarounds, but seems unnecessary to require them - just note on the app description that Tablo is a device which only works in North America. My guess is this may be part of trying to limit copyright concerns raised by remote connect, which is my theory for why simple log in credentials have not been coded/allowed for remote connect, rather than requiring pairing the device at home (first) has been required. If that’s right, I don’t expect official Tablo commentary on it.

If your smartphone or tablet is from Canada or the US, then if you install the Tablo app on said device before you leave the country and pair it with your Tablo, you will be able to watch recordings in the UK or other countries outside of Canada and the US. This thread is about devices not registered in Canada or the US.

I accessed my Tablo in Brazil just fine during the World Cup in 2014.