Is Tablo app faster with new Apple TV 4K compared with Apple TV 4?

Does the tablo app perform any faster with Apple TV 4K compared to the Apple TV 4? Guide data, recordings, and channels are a little slow to load.

Apple TV 4K hardware improvements:

  • A10X Fusion chip
  • supports Gigabit Ethernet
  • better Wi-Fi

@showtz - We’ve done some major performance improvements with the latest firmware and apps. Are you running the latest?

I do have the newer Apple TV at my desk and find it quite snappy. Unfortunately I can’t really compare it to the previous gen.

I just installed the latest firmware I’ll get the new ATV 4K and time the difference.

I’m curious for a follow up here. Any differences to report?

It appears to be about 1.5 seconds faster loading channels. I did several tests and timed 6.5second load times with new Apple TV 4K connected to wired gigabit and over 8 seconds with older model Apple TV 4. Overall it seems faster with all apps probably due to the hardware updates.