Is subscription for 4th generation Tablo device permanent?

I just read that there is a new 4th generation Tablo device and that it comes with a free subscription to the digital Tablo TV guide. While I am happy enough with my current device, I am willing to pay the $100 or so for the new 4th generation device for a free guide subscription if that free subscription is permanent.

I just don’t want to get the 4th generation device and then be told in a year or so that the subscription to the guide is no longer free.

So is that free subscription for a 4th generation device permanent?

Yes, it is permanent. It is a major selling point (as well as the low price). But you do lose the ability to watch shows outside your home (no Tablo Connect).

And you will also lose the Commercial Skip if you have it on your current Tablo. I just took my Tablo 4 Generation back today. To many bugs with it

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